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When it comes to getting quality traffic and leads on the internet, nothing comes close to organic search rankings in Google. The reason why search rankings are so important and work so well, is simply that when someone is looking for something online they go to Google and whatever they are searching for… they are usually ready to buy or act upon their search.

There are over 6 billion searches performed on Google every day and if your site can rank at the top of the search results for any of the millions of heavily ranked searched terms, you could be making thousands of dollars per day in profit.

Of course, when it comes to ranking high in the search results, nothing is quick and easy. For times like these many site owners will look to online services and search tools to make the process easier, while also tracking their progress and any movement in the rankings.

The good thing about many of these services is that they are low cost and they amount of time they will save you with their easy to view reports and constant updates on rankings is well worth it.

Know My Rankings

Being able to access powerful rank reports that allow you to monitor and track changes is key to the growth and success of any online business. Services like make the process very easy and are very affordable in comparison to the amount of time it can save yourself or your co-workers.

The concept of visiting a search engine directly and trying to see where you rank is not only tedious, but it’s a waste of time in most cases. Search rankings can be swayed based on your previous viewing and search history, which means you need a default setting and system in place.

Another option, which is plugging in a ton of urls and keywords for your potential site rankings is also a big time waster. Imagine having to do this every time you wanted to pull a new weekly or monthly report? You just wouldn’t…

This is where KnowMyRankings comes in.

Know My Rankings

The concept behind their site and service is simple — all you need to do is plug in the URL of your web site and fill in the appropriate keywords that you would like to pull a stats and ranking report on.

You can visit their main page and pull a sample report for your site and top keywords at no cost. Your report will list all of your requested keywords, along with where your site currently ranks for each.

Detailed Keyword Ranking Reports

Once you sign up for an account with KnowMyRankings, you will then be able to setup as many URL as needed, each with their own set of keywords to track.

For example, in the screenshot below you can see a report for, which then lists a various amount of keywords each relating to the content found on the site. The current position is where the site is currently ranking in the search results, but you can see it’s previous weekly, monthly and 6 month reports as well. This allows you to see what keywords are moving up and down all in one easy to read chart.

Know My Rankings Stats

If you’d like to see even more detailed charts for a specific keyword, you can click on it and you would see an advanced chart and detailed report like the one below.

KnowMyRankings Chart

You will notice that the individual keyword reports provide more detailed stats which allow you to go back One Year, Year to Date or All Time. The “Quick Stats” also include the current position and the highest ever position.

How Much Does KnowMyRankings Cost?

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to managing your SEO and looking at reports, time is everything. Detailed and automated reports like KMR are super easy to use and are great for sites of all sizes that simply want quick stats and reports to measure SERPS.

KnowMyRankings Cost

Like all stats tracking services, industry prices vary. KnowMyRankings however has a platform that was built to scale with the size of it’s customer.

Since every user won’t need 10,000 keywords, accounts are billed based on how many keywords are actually tracked. This allows for sites of all sizes to manage their campaigns and costs at the same time. You can track as many URLS as you like, but billing is based on actual keywords tracked.

Plans start at $9.00/month for ten keywords, scaling up to $33.50/month for 100 keywords and $58.50/month for 200 keywords. Should your site require more than 200 keywords, you can contact KMR directly for better rates.

I’m always checking out the latest sites for tracking search rankings and it’s always cool to have a tracking system in place to monitor your top keywords and see their previous rankings and where they are headed. No matter the size of your site, I recommend you take a look at what has to offer. 

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