Tracking 202 Pro Version Released

Written by Zac Johnson
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The affiliate tracking software that has changed the way we track campaigns, just got even better. With Tracking202 and Prosper202 being out for over a year now, and with nothing buy rave reviews, we’ve all been looking forward to the Pro Version of Tracking202. I met up with Wes at Affiliate Summit West 2009, and we spoke breifly about it, but now that’s it’s live, you can see what it’s really all about.

What Can Tracking 202 Pro Do?
I won’t get into the nitty gritty on what Tracking202 is. In short it’s a full service tracking solution for all of your ppc/affiliate marketing needs. What’s great about using Tracking202 Pro is that you can sync up all of your ppc marketing through the BIG 3, along with all of your accounts and stats from all of the major affiliate networks. With these capabilities in place, you don’t have to keep logging into multiple networks for your latest stats, you can view it all through Tracking202 Pro. This is just the tip of the iceberg on features and what Tracking 202 has to offer, view their “features” page for a full rundown. If you are an iPhone and stats junkie, they even have a web application to check your stats on the go.

How Much Does the Pro Version Cost?
When Wes and Tracking 202 first came out, everything was free… even the downloadable version to install and run on your own servers. Now that the Pro Version is out, it’s actually interesting to see how well they will fare with a new business model. Unlike other tracking programs where they charge a high monthly fee for everyone, Tracking 202 Pro bills based on usage.

For those of you worried or scared about actually paying for a tracking service, you shouldn’t be. Try it out on a few of your campaigns and see if it helps improve your ad campaigns and relieves a few headaches. At the least, just give it a test run with their 7 day free trial, and send up to 2,000 clicks through your campaigns for just $19.95.

Why Pay, When the Previous Tracking 202 Was Free?
I’ve already signed up for my account, and I especially don’t mind paying for the service since Wes and his provided such a quality product that was free. In addition to all of the features included in the previous free versions, you also get the ease of not having to deal with your own server hosting for tracking (landing pages, you will need hosting for), tracking, redirects and other issues. The Pro version eliminates a lot of headaches that you come across as an affiliate marketer, while giving you a great looking interface.

Tracking 202 Pro – Free 7 Day Trial
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For anyone interested in viewing their ad campaigns and affiliate network stats in a whole new way, Tracking 202 is offering a free 7 day trial. If you haven’t already, give them a run for a few days, look around their backend and see what you think. Worst case scenerio? You gave it a shot and it didn’t cost you anything. Best case scenario? You possibly find a new tracking solution to help increase you monthly revenue by 400%!?

If you are already working with the Tracking 202 Pro version, feel free to leave any comments or suggesstions. I’m sure Wes and his team are looking forward to positive and negative feedback.

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7 Replies to “Tracking 202 Pro Version Released”

  1. Keeping track of what is happening is of paramount importance to ppc and affiliate success. It is a pity that we now have to pay for this, however the prices are realistic and the product is superior, so it does offer good value for your money. You know stats are like a bikini, what they reveal is suggestive, but what they hide is vital…hahahahah

  2. I'm having a difficult time understanding what the Pro version offers that the free version doesn't. Although, I imagine there is a difference and the difference is worth the cost. When affiliate marketers are using this software to make money, the small cost of $20 per month is probably worth the investment for such a valuable tool.

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  3. Glad to read about Tracking 202. I had not heard of it prior to the past few days, and since then I have heard so much buzz about it, nice to learn a little about the hype.

  4. Tracking 202 has been providing a great service for free for quite some time. It's good to see the owners have found a way to make some money off it and cover the time and expense of creating such great software.

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  5. It will be interesting to see the additional features and future development with Tracking 202 as they hopefully receive additional funding from offering the Pro version.

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