Tracking Web Site Analytics with HeatSync

If you are like me or any of the majority of web site owners and bloggers out there, then you definitely are addicted to checking web site stats and rankings. I’ll admit, I’m not the addict I used to be years ago, but it’s definitely fun to watch you site move up in Alexa rankings and see where you rank in the search results and check on the demographics of your audience.

The problem with being addicted to web stats is that it can take a lot of time to check all of the different web sites and ranking reports. This problem is now no longer an issue thanks to a brand new service called HeatSync, which is an all in one tracking solution.

HeatSync takes data from major tracking and social sites like Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, SimilarWeb, SeoMoz, CrunchBase, Compete, Web of Trust and Klout then combines it all into one powerful platform for you to view at one time.

Their site is currently in beta and free to join and add as many web sites and blogs as you like. Let’s walk through the process so you can see what their site has to offer.

The first thing you are going to need to do when setting up your account is add in your web sites. I already have five different sites being tracked in my account. Once you add a site you will see the stats importing process begin. This only takes a few seconds.

HeadSync Importing

After your site is loaded within your account, you can then view the “overview” of your account as seen below. From here you will see your CrunchBase listing directory if you have one, along with your recent Alexa, Compete and SimilarWebRank movements.

HeatSync ZacJohnson

You will also be able to view more detailed stats if you use the different tracking options on the left side menu. You can see a break down the SEO rankings and demographics of users on your web site. More advanced stats like these will require your site to be live in the system for a few days for the system to track performance and traffic.

HeatSync Zac Johnson Demographics

Lastly, what good is a system if you continually have to login to different accounts to check multiple web sites? Even going to different pages for each site would be a pain. Thankfully HeatSync has a great solution, which is a full comparison chart on the login page. You will see each of the sites that are live within your account and you can check the latest updates for numbers in the Traffic, Social, Rank, SEO, Demographic, Reputation and Performance areas.

HeatSync Dashboard Mode

As mentioned, HeatSync is currently in beta and they are offering completely free memberships for anyone who would like to use the system. There is no free trial and no credit card information required. Sign up now and be sure to start tracking the performance of all your sites under one killer platform.

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  1. Well this service seems to be good but its in a beta stage. But most importantly I have got a chance to review its features. Thanks for this post.
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