TravelPayouts – Earn Commissions on Millions of Daily Travelers

There are only a handful of industries that are always going to make money… travel is one of them. Not only is travel industry one that will be around forever, but it’s continually growing in size as well.

As much fun as it is to get away and be on a vacation, planning your flight, hotel and dealing with all of the rinky-dink fees along the way is never fun. Gone are the days of going to a local travel agency or even visiting the hotel or airlines web site directly, now most people are taking their search to the internet to find the best deals through special promotions and comparison shopping.

With so much money passing between agencies, hotels, tourism and travel sites isn’t it time you cashed in on the process as well?

The Travel Affiliate Program

TravelPayouts is an online travel affiliate program that has partnered with three main search engines to provide visitors with the ability to find the best deals on flights and hotels. Through a partnership with TravelPayouts, you can earn a commission whenever an action is taking across any or all of these three outlets.

Travel Payouts Affiliate Program

The goal with all online travel and booking sites is to make the process as simple and fast as possible. Instead of searching through different airline and comparison sites for the best deals, (shown below) can do all of this for you, while also providing the necessary sorting options such as flight price, how many connections, total flight and more. The site also support different languages and currencies, which means it can be used through the world for global travel.

JetRadar currently works with over 500 different airlines and dozens of travel sites, while their hotel version of the site, “HotelLook” has coverage across 250,000 hotels in over 200 countries. For Eastern Europe specific travel and content sites, the AviaSales site is available and currently has a network of 728 airlines.

JetRadar Flight Search Engine

How to Promote TravelPayouts

When it comes to promoting anything online, you have a lot of options… but many affiliate networks will limit the amount of creatives and methods they allow you to use. TravelPayouts has made this one of their key perks for affiliates of their site, which includes promotions through the following methods.

  • Fully customized search forms with a package of best performing offers
  • The most complete and transparent statistics: CTR, STR, CPC, CPS, CPU, destinations, and dates. Detailed analysis of each submitted form.
  • Widget maps of low prices, text links for specific destination/ticket, White Label
  • Search/data API and SDK for mobile apps, which enable you to create your own search with the functionality that you need

Once logged into the members area you can access all of the tools to build out your own banners, map widgets and search forms to placed within your media buying, web sites or landing pages. They also have a WordPress plugin to incorporate search forms right into your site. You can see an example of a few of these methods below.


Travel Payouts Linking Methods

If you are great at creating ad campaigns and know how to target travel and booking services to the right audience, then you could do quite well. Another great way to promote these types of affiliate programs is through travel blogger and hotel/food review sites. If you don’t currently have a travel or review related site of your own, you can always advertise directly on these sites by contacting their site owners or using a third party network such as Google Adsense or do some media buying.

How Much Can You Earn with TravelPayouts?

As with any affiliate marketing opportunity, you will get out what you put into it. This means putting the time and effort in to create quality ad campaigns and reaching your target audience. Millions of people are booking vacations online everyday and you just need to get your ad copy and landing pages in their faces.

Affiliate partners will receive up to 70% of TravelPayouts’ income on each sale, which is on average of $9 USD on airline tickets and $15 USD on hotel bookings. Payouts are sent out once a month and the minimum payout is 50 USD.

Since going live with their program, over $2 million has been paid out to their affiliates. We’ve listed their top affiliate payouts below for February 2014.

Top 10 payments in February ’14

  • Partner 6 – $4,808.31
  • Partner 11210 – $3,849.67
  • Partner 481 – $3,582.42
  • Partner 12931 – $3,463.83
  • Partner 3549 – $3,312.80
  • Partner 2053 – $2,885.00
  • Partner 466 – $2,294.10
  • Partner 22 – $2,288.05
  • Partner 6315 – $2,137.31
  • Partner 10692 – $2,045.78

You can register for the TravelPayouts affiliate program at If you activate your account before March 1, you will earn 90% of the revenue generated from flights and hotels for the first three months. To get this special rate, enter the promo code ZJPROMO when signing up.

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