Earn $250+ Commissions with Trumpia SMS Messaging

Mobile and SMS messaging is quickly becoming one of the most sought after markets for all brands and businesses today. While email marketing was once the most effective way to deliver your message to an audience, mobile is seeing explosive growth and user engagement rates like never before.

Just think about it… if you got a text message to your mobile device right now, how long would it take you to check and respond to it? Probably instantly!

Brands and businesses of all sizes are now realizing they shouldn’t just be capturing email addresses and Facebook likes, but also phone numbers as well. While the concept of mobile marketing and SMS messaging seems simple enough, there needs to be a platform and solution in place for better managing all of this data and making sure it’s working for each customer.

Trumpia.com is one such solution and not only are they working with thousands of customers and brands throughout the world, they also have an amazing affiliate program that pays out between $250 to $1,000 per referred customer.

Trumpia SMS Messaging in Action

Before we dive into the Trumpia affiliate program and the many ways you can start promoting their service, let’s first take a look at the service itself and what they have to offer. The concept of mobile and SMS text messaging is quite easy to understand, and if you already have a mailing list for your website or blog, the concept and process behind it all will be even easier. In short, Trumpia provides the platform and solutions for anyone to build their own SMS list, while also providing the tools to send out, automate and track results to such subscribers.

Trumpia SMS Marketing Solution

Just like when someone enters an email address to join your mailing list, the same is done with SMS messaging, except it’s a text message being sent to your specific list number. For example, as a customer of Trumpia, you will have the ability to setup a five-digit short code, which users could then send a text message to and automatically be subscribed to your SMS alerts (e.g., “text JOIN to 12345”). The option is also there to ad a subscribe form to your site, where the user can input their phone number.

Once your signup method is in place, you can then start tracking all of your signups through the Trumpia platform. Within your user account, you can also automate the process of sending out messages to your audience and tracking their performance. Another option available through Trumpia, is the ability to setup two-way messaging, which allows your subscribers to reply back to your messages. This would prove useful when trying to provide customer support or getting customer reviews and testimonials.

How to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List

Having the ability to collect and send outgoing messages to your audience is great, but if you don’t know how well your marketing and outreach is performing, what’s the point? Trumpia not only has the platform in place to run all of your mobile and SMS messaging, they also have full subscriber management and stats tracking features as well. Customers can also divide up their subscriber data based on click-throughs, interests and other useful data points.

To see the Trumpia platform in action, be sure to watch the short 5-minute video below.

With so many different options and providers to choose from in the mobile marketing space, it’s important to go with a reliable and trusted name. Trumpia is currently working with thousands of customers and clients around the world, while also partnering up with the likes of Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, AirBNB, LinkedIn and more.

Earn $250 to $1,000 in Commissions with Trumpia

Mobile marketing and SMS messaging is just exploding right now. It seems like every brand and business is quickly trying to jump into this market and adapt it into their business in as many ways possible. This is a huge opportunity for affiliates and brand marketers to earn extra cash by recommending the best solutions to the thousands of people searching online every single day.

Trumpia.com has an affiliate program built right into their system, which pays out a hefty $250 to $1,000 commission on all referrals. With such high payouts in place, you won’t only need to refer a few customers per month to potentially earn several thousands of dollars per month in commissions.

Earn Commissions with Trumpia Affiliate Program

Since Trumpia.com manages their own affiliate program, you won’t be finding it on any other ad networks. To join, all you need to do is visit their main site and create an account. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a paying customer of their service to promote their affiliate program, it’s just how they have it setup in their system for affiliate accounts.

Once this is completed, you can then apply for their affiliate program. You will then receive a follow-up email from their affiliate manager who will help with any questions you might have. Should you need any custom creative or landing pages to promote Trumpia, their affiliate management team will gladly have them put together for you.

Payments are sent out to affiliates via direct deposit.

Best Practices for Promoting Trumpia and Earning High Commissions

No matter what affiliate offer you promote, it’s always going to come down to the content you create, the marketing you have in place and how you target your demographic audience. With all of that in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with some unique and effective ways to promote Trumpia and their SMS messaging service — one immediate concept that comes to mind is to create a “Trumpia Review Site” where you can provide guides, tutorials and reviews on everything they have to offer. To learn more about how to set something like this up, be sure to follow my create a niche blog guide.

Tips for Promoting Trumpia

Trumpia’s affiliate program page also has a few recommendations of their own, which are to write online reviews, create a review site and recommending their service to others through marketing forums and press releases. All of these methods could prove successful when hitting the right audiences.

Whether you are going to create a review site or build out your own pay per click marketing campaigns, be sure to highlight the “demo” available on Trumpia.com. The affiliate management team tells me that roughly 30% of all visitors to their site who go through the demo, end up becoming a paid customer!

  • Bottom line: Brands and businesses are anxiously looking to get more involved with mobile and SMS marketing. When they are researching different solutions online, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and provide them with a reliable solution… all while extremely high commissions in the process.

Click here to join Trumpia and their affiliate program.

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