Ultimate Affiliate Summit Blog Post Giveaway!

Ok, here it is… the ULTIMATE AFFILIATE SUMMIT BLOG POST GIVEAWAY! I promised I would grab a ton of goodies for my fellow bloggers from Affiliate Summit East. T-Shirts, TreeLoot Monkey Plushes, Google YoYo’s, Classy Pens, Shareasale Mousepads, Beachballs, Company Note Pads and more…And here it is!

This is an aerial view, but there is so much stuff buried under more stuff that I need to bring a separate carry-on bag to fly all this back to New Jersey! All for my precious bloggers! Most of these companies wanted me to take even more stuff! Less for them to bring back and a nice free promotion for them too!

I will start some promotions this week to give these items away. Simple promotions like commenting and linkbacks. But first, I would love nothing more than to get some help on promoting this blog and promotion. Please link / ping back to this blog post from your blog with a brief description and I will make sure you get a goody from this event. Once again, like the free t-shirt promotion (being shipped this week), I will cover all shipping costs again! ☺

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  1. woo sounds good, I should be getting a post up about it soon then 😀

    please dont give me a small lol!

    1. haha, tell me about it! Now I have to lug it all onto the plane now… then ship it all! 3:11AM now… flight leaves in 3 hours… leaving hotel in less than 2.. what an event!

  2. Oh man.. thats a lot of stuff.. I need to get me one of those yo-yo's. I used to be a Yo-Yo champ back in the day so I guess I have to blog about it!

  3. Would love to win a prize here at your blog, nice one zac! Are you giving cash away like me, consider so, it should attract people!

  4. I will like to have some of it, but more interested on what zac learned and how he is going to apply that knowledge.


  5. Hi Zac.

    Just posted a notice about this promotion and all the goodies you're giving away.

    Cool idea, thanks.

    I'm also going to post a notice on my other blog, letting as many people as I can know about this.

  6. I thought that I did a good job of bringing back stuff for my members, but you certainly did much better than I did! I will have to remember to bring an extra suitcase to Vegas!!

  7. so topping your comment list entitles the pens now or the junk that you have set for us?

  8. I added you to the links on my blog. You can't write a description, but I did add you to the links at the bottom of the page. You can check it out for yourself.

    Have a GREAT day!!!

    F Ciprich

  9. Maybe it is true that it is not always fine to hear about things which not are allowed to find an suitable person in needed deep.

  10. zac,

    i hope you had a chance to stop by the motive booth at ASW08! Did you get one of our very cool shirts? If not let me know I will send one out. Next show lets meet up – we met back in the day when I worked at PMD – I was your biz dev guy back in like 2000!

  11. I hope you had the chance to stop by our booth (motiveinteractive.com) at ASW08. If not I would love to send you a motive t-shirt, to add to your growing collection of free stuff. I promise the motive shirts are much cooler. Just need to know where to mail.

  12. i would like some free t'shirts in 2x long and some free pens also

    thanks for the offer your site is great


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