Ultra Green Tea Still a Big Money Maker

Last week, I wrote on a new Ultra Green Tea weight loss offer that’s been doing pretty well. The offer is available through the Advaliant affiliate network. We are now are the halfway point through the month and once again I wanted to stress that there is still time for you to promote this offer and make some money. There are also a few new points I want to get across for anyone looking to promote the offer. Once again, below are the BONUS cash prizes up for grabs.

There is still plenty of time for you to place in the TOP 22 Spots!

Now Accepting Leads to Canada
I’m sure most affiliates out there promoting the offer, are focusing heavily on US traffic. For any new and existing affiliates, there is a huge advantage for you to target towards CANADIAN traffic as all new landing pages (specific for Canadian traffic) just went live. Keep in mind, the current population of Canada is 33 million… how many of those new users can you get to see this offer?

Increased Lead Payout
The Ultra Green Tea offer is already paying a nice $26 CPA pay out per free trial. If you can push volume, not only can you place for one of the top 22 bonus cash prizes above, but you can also talk to your affiliate manager and ask for a payout increase.

Updated Earnings Stats:
As mentioned, I first posted on the Ultra Green Tea offer through Advaliant last week. My stats at the time were around 32 leads, and I’m now pushing past the the 160 mark. The earnings per click are down since the first post, but I’m not surprised, as this offer is getting more and more saturated as time goes on.

Ad testing during the first week showed the campaign has potential.

Less than two weeks after running the campaign, I’m seeing $4000+ in Revenue.

I’ll keep you updated as the month goes on with the progress of this campaign, and how it performs with Canadian traffic. One thing this campaign has made me think about, is how well an offer like this performs… which means coming up with a product or service like this (free trial leading to paid membership), could become very lucrative very fast.

– Join AdValiant & Run Green Tea Ultra Lean

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  1. Zac, that is great. I Don't recall are you spending money on Adwords to generate traffic?

  2. Thats great zac, not sure what you doing, tried this week PPC, over $1 ppc click, had 20 clicks to over 100 green tea keywords. No sales. The only conclusion I can get is everybody clicking your ads, and not bothering with mine.

    How you getting 9000 clicks thats just amazing and can not see how you doing it unless you using a huge ppc spend per click.

    Anyway I will keep plodding on looking for first sale.




    1. I wish I was pushing some heavy volume… some guys are pushing 200 leads a day on this offer. Keep trying at it and see what happens. I've had success with a few other green tea / diet offers on MarketLeverage as well.

  3. Hey Zac,

    From your stats, I figure your earning $0.46 per click…

    ($4248 / 9290)

    Paying $0.33 – 0.60 per click

    You've spent between:

    $3065 – $5574

    At best you've made $1183, and at worst you've lost $1326… Are my calculations right???

    Let's be kind and say that you're somewhere in the middle… breaking even.

    At this rate, is it really worth taking part in the competition?

    I can see the logic if you get first place, then even if you are currently making a loss, you will still come out at least $1500 up. But what if you don't hit the top 3 or 4 spots – you've spent a small fortune and time on a project that you might not make a bean in…

    Not trying to be nagative – I would just like to know why you're spending your time on this campaign when you could be concentrating on more profitable stuff??

    Also – I hope all your campaigns don't have similar figures, or you'll be getting a job soon : )

    1. The profit from this campaign so far is over $1,000+… as I mentioned in an earlier comment, 40%+ margins.

      As for why I'm promoting it to others… why not? It's no where near one of my main campaigns and for now it's just running, so I might as well just provide the value to my readers.

      I already pointed out that I'm not in the running for top prizes, and don't expect to win them. Money is money… and this campaign has been profitable for me. Telling my blog readers to run it, isn't going to ruin the bank for me.

      1. Zac,

        The numbers don't add up.

        If you've spent between $3065 – $5574 (Which you must have done if your figures above are accurate) then made $4248, how on Earth can you possible claim to have made over 40% on this campaign???

        As I said above, at best you've earned $1183 from the figures you gave us. This means at best, you've done 35% return – and that means every one of your clicks was $0.33 – What about the clicks you say you've paid up to $0.60 for??

        I'm not trying to call you out or anything – I just don't like to see figures that don't make sense…

        1. Anonymous Jack… I have no reason to prove anything to you. Stats are what they are, and showing a campaign that made $4,000 is not something to brag about, which I'm obviously not doing.

          Multiple ad groups and campaigns are tested… averages come out to .33 to .60 and some campaigns do more or less, while others get paused or continue.

          People are making money with this offer and that's the point of the post. So use all a favor and worry more about where your next check is coming from, rather than mine.

          1. Easy Zac!

            I never said you were bragging… I just don't think the numbers add up…

            You're very quick to bite at me. I just wondered if you could give more details on the numbers to clarify. Obviously, you're not going to be willing to do this from the attitude of your last comment.

            The campaign DIDN'T make $4000 – it only made $1000 according to an earlier comment, so it's even less of a reason to brag.

            I just don't like to see 'super affiliates' posting figures on blogs, and forgetting that it isn't all profit. I personally wouldn't be suprised if you had made far less than $1000 on this campaign from the numbers you've given above.

            Anyway – nice talking to you,

            Anonymous Jack

          2. Your first comment was pointing the finger more than anything else, and didn't arrive in a positive manner.

            Like other offers, I will continue to post earnings on this offer and will do a breakdown of campaign performance around the end of the month.

      2. i have been making money. its great that you showed us this. my first time making money on cpa btw.

        i have had one problem. advaliant's conversion numbers are continuously less than what is reported through adwords conversion tracking. is anyone else having this problem?

  4. i dont have budget yet to compete with you guys

    but good work

    what niches are good for those with a limited budget to pay for ppc?

  5. Hi Zac,

    200 leads a day, that is a great , I only lwant at 1% of that.

    Steep learning curve, I will keep testing untill something clicks,




  6. Unfortunately, one of the overambitious affiliates for Ultra Green Tea decided to steal a copyrighted before and after from a totally unrelated fitness product that I own and use it on their Facebook ad. As a consistent reader of your posts I'm sure you wouldn't condone this, but since you seem to be an advocate of UGT, I thought it was worth mentioning.

    1. Down the road I think Facebook might see some legal problems as this seems to occur often, and they seem to regulate images/text/ad copy on a day to day basis… with varied approvals and denials.

  7. yes, how you getting 9000+ clicks? What is avg. CPC? I have hard time to come up with 100 clicks per day with $.60 per click…and not converting…

    1. I have campaigns receiving clicks in the ppc ranges of .33 to .60 ppc. If you aren't already, try breaking down campaigns by what people might be searching for on engines. (weight loss drinks, green tea, diet plans, how to lose weight)… the more specific, the easier it will be for you to break down what works and pull out what isn't converting.

  8. Zac:

    In your comments above you stated that you are using . . . "A variation of ppc marketing across search networks."

    When you say "variation of ppc marketing" are you saying that you are using both the search and content network? I could be wrong, but I do recall you saying that you like the Google content network because you then do not have to worry about quality score issues. Is this correct?

    Also, in your previous post on this subject you stated that tools like Keycompete and Keyword Spy can be used to generate literally thousands of keywords. Of these two, is there one that you prefer over the other?

    And finally, do you use any tools to help you automate the whole processs? I'm referring to tools like Speed PPC or Efficient PPC.

    By the way, both of these posts have been great. This has really given me an idea of how you approach these types of campaigns.

    Thanks for doing this. I certainly appreciate it.

    Best Regards,

    Jon Poland

    1. By variation I was referring to MSN, Yahoo and Google… mainly content on the search network. I haven't spent enough time on a good site/lp for Search.

      I'm a member of KeyCompete and KeywordSpy and a few others. Some are better than others, but I use them all to pull different data and keywords.

      I rarely use the programs to create campaigns, unless I tested the offer out and it does pretty well. For this campaign I haven't maximized it's potential or monetized ad campaigns and keywords as much as I could.

      Thanks for the comments, glad you liked the posts.

      1. Zac:

        I do not understand what you mean by the statement . . . "mainly content on the

        search network."

        In the next sentence you then state . . . "I haven’t spent enough time on a good site/lp

        for Search." Are you saying that you are doing site targeting using the content


        In other words, you are not doing standard ppc marketing where your ads appear

        on the right hand side of the search results when someone types in a keyphrase into

        Google . . . right?

        From what I understand your ads are appearing on a website whose owner has

        decided run adsense on the site, which would be the content network.

        Please clarify if you would.

        Thanks Zac.


        1. Right, with content network it's usually faster and easier to get a campaign setup. With actual actual "search" (on right side) I spend more time on building up a nice QS site and landing pages to promote a campaign.

      1. Hi Zac,

        Iam trying couple offers my self and I am currently using Google PPC, I tried using Direct Link but google keeps given me an error message.. my Display is diffrent ..

        Should I display the direct URL for my affiliated link ?



  9. Thanks Zac for the great post. I started promoting Green Tea offers last night (via direct linking) and already have a 60% ROI!

    Anonymous Jack- Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of time analyzing andd basing Zac's numbers, you should have built a campaign. Perhaps you would have a 60% ROI as well! Thanks again Zac for the great information!

    1. damn..I am the only one who losing money and can not get many clicks from content network and not converting…shoot..

  10. Whats the difference between non ultra green tea and ultra green tea more flavor?

  11. Hi Zac!!

    You promised to write a follow-up post on this offer, how are you doing with it? I've signed-up as your referral and made 676$ with this offer in August (just 26 leads), but I'm impressed with your number of clicks and leads.

    How are you doing with this offer?

  12. Hey I would be interested in finding out where to signup for this offer or for anyone really. I can't seem to get approved for any affiliates network is there a secrete tactic? Can someone look at my landing page?


    <abbr>Uber Affiliates Wanna Be’s last blog post..Earn With Google</abbr>

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