UnGagged SEO & Digital Marketing Conference and Affiliate Program

There are few industries in the world like internet and affiliate marketing. Not only has it become an amazing business opportunity for individuals, businesses and brands of all sizes, it’s also become a worldwide phenomenon with internet marketing conferences and events taking place across the world all of the time. No matter where you live, there is likely a big conference, small networking event or even a marketing meet up in your area. This is even more true if you happen to live near any of the internet hot spots like New York, California or in Las Vegas.

A popular and upcoming event that should be on all entrepreneur and online marketers’ radar is UnGagged, which takes place in Las Vegas during November 13-15, 2017. The event is focused around SEO and digital marketing, while also having an amazing collection of speakers and sponsors to support the event. Just some of the big name speakers who will be in attendance at the event ths year include Tim Ash, David Szetela, Stephan Spencer, Thomas Smale, Samantha Noble, Dawn Anderson and more — each bringing their own level of expertise and skills on how to rank higher in the search results and find continued success online.

Top sponsors for the event include HostWinds, SiteTuners, Internet Marketing Ninjas, SEO Review Tools and more. With a solid collection of speakers and sponsors in place, there is no doubt this will be an event full of not just amazing content and information, but powerful networking sessions while also taking place in a professional and fun atmosphere.

Introducing the UnGagged Affiliate Program

In addition to having a conference in itself, UnGagged also has a lucrative affiliate program that is currently paying out a $100 commission for every qualified sign up to their event. This is a perfect opportunity for any bloggers or online marketers who already have a targeted audience that are looking to attend such conferences or improve their online marketing and business skills. With many familiar names and sponsors on the list, not only will they relate with a wide range of audiences, they will also bring legitimacy and interest to the conference as well.

How to Make Money with UnGagged Affiliate Program

So, how do you make money with this program? Well, it’s super simple! All you need is to reach out to a targeted audience and make money whenever any of your consumers register for the event via an affiliate link. Basically, that’s all but if you really wanted to get creative with the process and bring more attention the your content and the event, you could also do the following:

  • Reach out to speakers at the event and do a quick interview with each
  • Throw together an expert roundup on tips from speakers at the event
  • Create an information on the best tips and quotes from conference speakers
  • Send an email out to each of the sponsors of the event and interview them

No matter how you are creating content around the conference or within the industry, always strive to provide the most value possible. Site owners can then integrate affiliate links within such content. Since your audience is already likely interested in which each of the featured experts has to say within the content on your site, it’s also likely they would be interested in attending a conference they would be speaking at.

How to Promote UnGagged through Shareasale:

  1. Sign Up To ShareASale Program
    The UnGagged affiliate program is run through the popular ShareASale program. So, the first thing you would want to do is register to UnGagged’s program on ShareASale program via this link https://www.shareasale.com/join/UnGagged
  2. Pick You Favored Banners & Text Links
    Once you are registered, you can then pick the banners and text links that are best suited for your blog or website. After taking your picks, you can embed them to your posts and pages in your site. Don’t forget to come up with a few creative content ideas like I mentioned previously. This will work much better than just throwing a few banner ads on your site.
  3. Promote & Start Earning
    If you have placed the banners and links, you are now ready to start getting some affiliate commissions. Remember, affiliates will earn a $100 commission for every referred sale to the UnGagged conference. There are also plenty of videos to use and browse through on the UnGagged website if you are looking for additional information, resources or marketing material.

How to Make the Most Money with UnGagged Affiliate Program

As with all affiliate programs and online money making opportunities, you are going to have to put in some work and get creative in the process. With UnGagged being a higher end ticket price at $795, you will need to make sure you are reaching the right audiences. A great idea for promoting such an event and affiliate program, is to come up with a list of the top internet marketing conferences to attend in 2017. You can then focus your efforts and promotions around UnGagged or any other conferences that might have an affiliate program as well.

With so many internet marketing and SEO conferences taking place across the world, there is a great demand for quality show lists and directories. If you can create such a resource, you will find an unlimited supply of potential leads and visitors hitting your site on a daily basis.

Not all conferences will have an affiliate program, nor pay a high commission like UnGagged has in place. With all of this in mind and everything else mentioned above, right now is a great time to join the UnGagged Affiliate Program and start earning some real cash marketing a popular event to your audience!

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