Upping the Standard at Tatto Network

Since the last time we looked at Tatto Affiliate Network (3rd largest ad network!), we’ve also discussed how their opened up their ad platform for anyone to start their own ad network or affiliate program. We’re back to Tatto Affiliate Network again to take a look at new improvements to their network, helping affiliates make more from their campaigns. If you’re already an affiliate with Tatto, you’ll probably notice some of these updates right away, if not, here’s a quick breakdown.

New Design for Reporting and Statistics – The network now has a new color and look. Reports and Statistics are now faster and more efficient than before. Data view pages can easily be searched and sorted accurately even with multiple pages of data. Full stats tracking options include daily stats, hourly, api stats, and also include affiliate referral earnings.

Conversion Tracking Report – This report provides specific lead/sale information, including sub id, tracking info, transaction id, ip address, and payout, allowing you to quickly run sub id reports. While “info” in current tracking links will continue to work, it has been replaced with “aff_sub”.

Full Stats Report on all Lead Data from Campaigns

Updated Tracking Links – Updated tracking links that are easy to understand. Sub ID tracking has been updated as well as Source name added. Specify a Source name in the tracking url to easily drill-down and analyze performance in reports.

Offer Tiny URLs –You can shorten your tracking links with our own TinyURL. With the explosive use of Twitter, everyone is jumping on the “short url” bandwagon. Instead of setting up a  url, then heading over to a TinyURL source, you can just click “generate Tiny Url” in your campaign area, and it’s done instantly.

One Click and You have a “Tiny URL” redirect.

Browser Targeting – The Tatto Affiliate Network now can target offers to users based on their browser.  This will redirect users to receive offers designed for mobile devices including iPhones and thus increase your conversion rates.

Creative Manager – A valuable feature that quickly generates tracking code with creatives, making it simple for you to include the creative you prefer with the offer-specific tracking url. Also new features to browse and preview creatives.

Other upgrades to Tatto Affiliate Network include, the ability to setup Supresssion Lists, improved Refer a Friend (affiliates), updated functions in the API Stats and a Live Support function to better contact your affiliate manager.

Tatto Affiliate Network vs. HasOffers
This review was based on the improvements made to Tatto Affiliate Network, but also applies to the HasOffers platform. The Tatto affiliate network was created for affiliates to run offers and make money, while HasOffers was created to allow affiliates/marketers to create their own affiliate network/program without the high costs of other platforms like DirectTrack. Even if you only have a small affiliate program, it may be in your best interest to take the program inhouse, and run it off the HasOffers platform, vs. running with some other major ad networks and paying a 30% commission on all lead transactions. It’s free to setup an account, and it won’t cost you anything til you pass 250,000 clicks per month.

Check out the new improvements at TattoAffiliate Network and the HasOffers platform.

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  1. Tatto definitely seems to have upped the ad network standard! I'm particularly digging the Browser detection for iPhones.. great!

    Side note: I noticed that CommentLuv is down?

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  2. Tatto inc doesn't accept affiliate from my country. I am saddened that I can't used this tip.

  3. With all the networks that are out there it sure is a race to see who will be on top. It dosn't always come down to who is paying .35 cents more on a offer – it should and for me will always be based around quality and service – and trust!

  4. I am a wild child. I probably should be a musician while working at Hot Topic or something like that. I am a skater. I love tattoos and piercings. I love to just say what is on my mind. I don't know how to control it and don't know the difference between friends and professional acquaintances.

  5. Tattoos are indelible marks that you carry around for life, and it looks like Tatto Media are intent on creating an indelible impression themselves. There has been a lot of good press around them recently, and for good reason too. They definitely are people that you want to establish a long-term business relationship with.

  6. This looks like a great ad network. The new browser targetting feature looks like a great new feature. Im sure it will increase conversion rates.

  7. Its a informative post….It helped me to no tatto network in a much more broader sense. Thanks for this post.

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