UPrinting Die-Cut Business Card Giveaway

If you only had 30 seconds to tell someone about your business in an elevator and never see them again, would they remember to contact you? Better yet, would you have an impressive business card to give to them, that not only has all of your information and what your business is about, but leaves a lasting impression? You should!

How many times have you gone to conference even and collected a ton of business cards, then look through them when you get home and find that most of them are boring and only a couple actually stand out? Wouldn’t you like to be one of those cards that stands out? Of course you would!

Through a special promotion with UPrinting.com, we are giving away a free set of die-cut business card designs. The winner will get a chance to upload their own existing business card design and have them printed out on high quality die-cut business cards, or can create their own cards from scratch using the UPrinting designing platform.

How to Enter to Win Your Own Die-Cut Business Cards

I wanted to make this contest ridiculously easy for anyone to will, so all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, along with your idea on what makes a killer business card. One winner will randomly be selected on January 15th, and they will receive the business card package below.

Also, be sure to “Like” UPrinting.com o Facebook and you will be entered to win one of 3 iPod Touches and an iPad 2! Winners are chosen weekly.

Prize Details:

– 250 pcs Die Cut Business Card Printing for one(1) winner

Sizes to choose from:
2 x 3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×2″ Rounded Corners, 1.75×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×3.5″ Leaf, 2×3.5
Rounded one corner, 2×3.5″ Half Circle Side, 2×3.5″ Oval, 2.5″ Circle

Paper to choose from:
14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated,
6 Business Days Turnaround *Free shipping

In addition to business cards, UPrinting provides a ton of other online printing services. Be sure to check out their web site if you are looking to have any printing and design services done.

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  1. A killer business card is one that conveys precisely & concisely what you do as well as a high level benefit in one sentence.

    For example, Dominoes pizza’s slogan, “Fresh hot pizza to your door in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed!” or BreezeDigitalMarketing: Website, SEO, PPC campaign development services – get new customers when you want them!

  2. Awesome giveaway! I personally love a business card that makes me look twice – usually from an awesome graphic or just something that is well-thought out and makes sense for that business. I'm a fashion designer/fine artist, so I like to keep mine simple, clean, but memorable. Good luck to everyone!

  3. A killer business card is one that gets people's attention, and makes enough of an impression that they're more likely to remember you. You want a card to count towards the 7-12 impressions someone sees before making a purchasing decision.
    My recent post Custom Candy: Bring on the spice!

  4. Great business model. I love businesses that want to go above and beyond. Standing out with a unique design is definitely a plus.

    A killer business card is one that is special and grabs people's attention.

    After I saw the post, I went directly to uprinting hoping they have the solution for something that I've been needing for some time now. I was actually looking for a custom die-cut card where I can actually create a mold and cut the card into the specific shape I want. Sadly, they didn't offer it. Perhaps they might consider adding that option in the future.
    My recent post Getting to Places in Hong Kong

  5. Zac, In today's aggressive business marketplace, having the correct tools are necessary to give you the competitive edge ensuring success. That's why the ultimate killer business card should convey more than the information provided. It should tell the world what you think of yourself and your business."


  6. I think the best business cards have clear, concise designs so that the information doesn't get lost.

  7. I would use these business for networking (my blog). I think a business card should stand out from the rest so that people will say, " I want to keep this so that I can get one like this".
    My recent post Coupon 101: The Disorganized Person’s Guide to Coupon Organization

  8. I think a business card that others can say “wow, I want a bc like that”. The rounded corners, bright design helps as well!

  9. I have found that the most effective business cards that were giving to me had a unique shape and texture to them. They were still able to fit into a wallet, but either the edged were different, or something along those lines! Uprinting seems to have lots of options for unique shapes!


  10. Killer business cards are just the greatest way thing to go with that Killer determination to make this work…….

  11. I think what makes a great business card is one that fits well in a wallet or card holder! I'm all for creative designs but sometimes I come across cards that don't have a wallet friendly size and that can get irritating.

    Other than that I think a business card should have a lasting impact and be able to convey quickly what you're business is about.
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