How to Use UpCity SEO For Penguin & Panda Recovery

Penguin and Panda recovery sucks! There’s no other way around it. SMBs and Bloggers look at the enterprise tools and have sticker shock, or get scared because of how confusing everything sounds. That’s why internet marketing veteran Dan Olson built a new SEO tool specifically for small business owners to help with all things SEO.

Whether you want a new and affordable SEO management tool or need something to help track the progress of Penguin and Panda recovery, check out some of the tools from UpCity below and then click here to try it for free.

  • Ranking report
  • Backlink explorer
  • Social site submission

Ranking Reports

The ranking report in UpCity, which you can see above, tells you a lot about the SEO health of your website. It shows your current ranking positions by keyword and by engine. It then tracks from the day you enter the keyword until you cancel your account or pull the keyword from the tool.

With this type of easy to see and read interface you can find out which algorithm updates rewarded you or hurt you, and track how you have been able to recover.

UpCity Week by Week Reporting

Let’s start with Panda recovery for this one.

If you noticed that you lost rankings when Panda updated, you’ll see what keywords fell and the date. The first thing to do is to divide the pages with the keyword (also focus on your longtail keywords as well) that dropped into even groups of 3 – 5 pages per group. Next you’ll want to look at the onsite factors like copy, code, duplicate titles, etc… and begin to fix them.

Now re-launch the groups one week after the next and watch what happens over the next month.

By keeping track of which changes you made to which pages/keywords, you’ll see which groups recovered and know why. You can also use the sales tools in UpCity to make notes of each group and the changes so everything is in one place at one time.

Because the report is easy to see and understand visually, you can look at each update and each week to know exactly what you did, how it affected your results and what you did to be able to regain your pre-pre-panda rankings again.

Backlink Explorer

The backlink explorer in UpCity gives you all of your backlinks, as well as the backlinks from your competitors in an easy to use and see interface. This report is one of the most valuable, especially for Penguin recovery.

By having your competitors’ links that point to the pages on their site that rank above your website in the search engines, you can begin to get those same links for your own site. You can also try to replace their links with your own to help get them to stop ranking.

UpCity Backlink Checker

If your store has an affiliate program, you could even pitch the site owner to replace your competitors’ links with your affiliate links so that the competitor may no longer get any link juice from them (depending on the network your program or their program is on). If you are successful with this, you can now have their traffic, you have removed their backlinks to hurt their SEO and you get any sales that come from having their links.

Penguin Recovery – By knowing what keywords and pages got hit by Penguin, you can now pull you’re your own pages backlink profile, and the pages that replaced you in the search engines. Once you have the lists, look at and compare their backlink profiles to yours using backlink checker and find which ones could be hurting you, which links are helping the other sites and then you have a starting point to work on Penguin recovery.

By having the same backlinks that point to your page, and knowing which ones could have caused the penalty, you can work at changing the bad ones pointing to your site out for affiliate links (depending on the network, here is a post about Affiliate Links and Backlinks, sending take down requests or worst case scenario, perform a disavow on them.

Because UpCity puts them in a clean and simple format, you can work your way through with ease and add them to your disavow sheet without a lot of extra effort.

One thing you may also want to do with Penguin just like with Panda recovery, is combine the steps you take with the Sales CRM Tool.

The Sales Tools can be used to track the progress of take downs, which pages you updated copy on, schedule follow ups for articles you’re waiting to go live and also know exactly where you are in the process of recovering. Having an easy to use CRM style tool can help make recovering from a Penguin penalty much easier than with some of the other SEO solutions that don’t offer lead tracking systems.

Social Site Submission (Just because it’s a time saver).

One last feature that UpCity offers is a huge time saver for SMBs and Social Media Marketers. The social media site submission center is an up-to-date listing of popular and up-and-coming social media websites. It lets you know everything about the site including what type of community it is, information about how to create and submit a profile and the topics or themes of the sites.

Much like a lead tracking system, the Social Media submission tools let you track where you have protected your brand, where your name is or is not registered and it lets you track when your accounts are live by entering the data in.

Upcity Social Media Tools

By having an easy way to submit and know which social sites you’re on and where you may want to be, you can save a ton of time as opposed to using a spreadsheet to track progress.

If you’re looking for a way to track and manage your SEO efforts while also saving time, or you got hit by Panda or Penguin, UpCity is an affordable SEO tool built to help small businesses and bloggers like yourself. They also have a system for agencies that work with small businesses that is fully customizable and can be white labeled.

Click here to try UpCity and if you have friends that can use it, click here to join their affiliate program and earn 20% recurring commissions.

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