Using AdClarity Online Competitive Intelligence to Spy on the Competition

Remember just a few years ago when it seemed like it was much easier to create ad campaigns and pull a profit. Now we have to deal with many different ways to promote ad campaigns, creating new ad copy, split testing what works best… and after all of that, and if we are lucky, you may still be able to run a campaign successfully for a few weeks before the ROI starts to slow down and maybe even go negative.

The days of easily making money on the internet are long gone, as it now takes a lot more skill, dedication and drive to make campaigns succeed. Fortunately we have a lot more tools and neat tracking technologies to help us along the way. One of these amazing technologies is called AdClarity, which in so many words, “shows you what your competition is doing“!

AdClarity was featured on TechCrunch a few months ago and in so many words, here’s what they had to say about the online business intelligence solution.

“AdClarity Tells Advertisers Exactly What The Competition Is Up To” – TechCrunch

If that doesn’t get the online marketing world’s attention, what will! Discover what you can find out about your competitors… but also what YOUR COMPETITORS can find out about YOU!

How AdClarity Makes Your Life and Marketing Easier

When it comes to creative effective ad campaigns and trying to find the best places to advertise and what creatives work best, we can all use a break from traditional split testing and throwing different ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks. What AdClarity does is show you what your competition is running, what banners they are using, their traffic sources and everything else you need to know. It’s not so much about copying your competition, but instead giving you a boost ahead of the competition and knowing where to get started before you even get started!

Check out the short video below for an awesome breakdown of what AdClarity can do once you create a free trial account on their system.

How to Use AdClarity to Your Advantage

As a publisher or affiliate, we are always looking to use the best creatives… yet most ad networks don’t have the best, or even all of the ad creatives we would like to test out. Using AdClarity you can find nearly any affiliate offer that is out there, plug in the information, see where the ads are being run and also pull up all of the banners that are spread through out sites on the internet.

Let use online games as an example. Once you are logged into the system you can start searching based on category, keywords or the names of sites or campaigns you want to look up. Sticking with online games, I wanted to pull up stats on a popular affiliate gaming offer, so I went with, which runs a ton of game downloads that are found on many ad network. You will see the first run of stats and data in the chart below.

Once you pull up the first report, you can look through all of the data and find anything you need. You can also sort by country, traffic source and start pulling reports on campaign “clarity”, which will show daily trends in performance and activity. You can also pull up the banners that are being most used and view them based on their “views” or “duration”, which you can see in the screenshot below.

In addition to the fun tools and searches mentioned above, AdClarity also offers the following perks which makes them the top player in the online competitive intelligence space:

  • Analyze your networks and advertisers and expose their partners to increase your share of the pie.
  • Find new advertisers by looking at your competitors’ advertisers.
  • Cut out the middleman with your top clients by discovering your mediators’ top clients and traffic sources.
  • Save manual research time and progress your ad campaigns faster.
  • Stay informed with alerts on entities that you choose – current information about your competitors, advertisers, mediators, and chosen campaigns will be sent to you daily.

Can You Afford Not to Use AdClarity?

As mentioned earlier, for affiliate marketers time is everything. Running the day to day operations of creating new ad campaigns only to find out they won’t back out to a positive ROI is a real bummer. Having access to a tool like AdClarity is pretty amazing and would be beneficial for any online marketer.

AdClarity is currently offering a free trial on their site, which doesn’t require a credit card or any payment, so you should definitely sign up for a free account and try it out.

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