Using Shopify to Create Killer Online Stores

I’d like to think that I’ve had my hands in a lot of different ways to make money on the internet over the years. Everything from affiliate marketing, content sites, ebay, email marketing and even setting up my own online stores to sell and dropship products. When I was running the online store for selling products it was a lot of fun and great to see real customers and products buying through the site. I eventually ended up closing the site because it was just annoying to run and I wasn’t thrilled with how the back Yahoo store was setup.

Shopping Online Made EasyThat was several years ago and a lot has changed. It’s much easier and more cost effective to create an online store of your own, and you no longer need to worry about creating custom sites and messing with design code to get everything in the right place. is one of the top services in the ecommerce niche which has quickly been building a name for themselves and helping others get their businesses and products online.

Instead of boring you with the basics, you should first check out this short video that was created to explain their site. Best of all, it’s less than a minute long!

After watching the video and seeing how great the backend and design process looks, I want to start up my own ecommerce site! Unfortunately I have nothing to sell at the moment and currently loaded up with other projects. If you have something cool to see or would like to get started in the dropshipping business, this is definitely the way to go.

I also wanted to cover a few other things about there sites, as they’ve had a lot of updates lately.

Online Store Designs and Templates

One of the niches I have been working in lately is the tshirt niche and it was cool to see that quite a few of the sites listed in the showcase section of Shopify are on tshirt stores. Looking at the screenshots below you will see they offer many different designs and layouts. There are currently over 50,000 sites running off the Shopify platform and over 100 different template designs for you to work with.

Shopify TShirt Sites

Online Store Creation & Management

As mentioned earlier, it was quite a pain for me to setup and manage an online store in the past using Yahoo stores. After seeing the backend and how Shopify works, I would have been much happier with their system. You can walk through the features process to see everything that you can do with your such, such as changing the site design, adding products and implement email and other built in features… all without the need to mess with coding (though the option is there is you are looking to get fancy!) Adding Products to Shopify Store

In short, the easy to use and very visual backend, customer/product management on the Shopify system is one of the best around. You can see a full walk through and screenshots if you browse through their site.

What does Shopify Cost?

As with all serious businesses online, you are going to have some costs. I was paying in the $39+ range a month when I was fooling around with my online store, which only had around 900-1,000 products at it’s peak. Shopify has a very wide spread monthly plan system that is built to cater to any size business. If you are small scale and have less than 100 products, you get get by with a $29 a month account… or you can go all in with the $179/m unlimited package!

No matter which plan you choose, you will get 14 days to try it out with no need for a credit card!

Shopify Costs

I’m always talking about the many different ways to make money online and creating an ecommerce site of your own is one of the best ways… especially if you are selling something with high margins. In addition to starting an online store of your own, I also have one more option to highlight on how you can make money with Shopify.

Make Money Pushing Shopify as an Affiliate

Now that I’ve went through the whole process of why Shopify is one of the top solutions out there for creating and running an online store, they’ve also built their reputation and brand by having a great affiliate program as well.

When it comes to promoting affiliate offers and brands, it’s much easier when you are pushing services that you know work well and provide quality service. Since Shopify is a well known brand and awesome at what they do, it might be a great mix for anyone who has a internet marketing related audience.

In short, here’s what you need to know about their affiliate program:

  • Direct Advertising ResultsAll traffic sources are accepted
  • 2 commission options.
    – 20% lifetime revenue share on all customers.
    – High per sale rate. Affiliate gets 200% of customers first bill.
    – Per sale commission varies depending on what plan customer chooses.
  • Up to $358 a sale.
  • Commissions can increase depending on volume.

Join Shopify as an affiliate.

Whether you are planning on building out your own ecommerce store or make money promoting their services, you really can’t go wrong with Be sure to check them out and see how you can improve your overall business.

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