Using the Brown Box Formula to Grow a Real Online Business

Have you ever thought about and how they became the powerhouse they are today? It’s quite cool because I’ve been working with since the last 90s and have seen them transform their massive business over time. When I first started promoting them they only sold books, music and movies… now they have everything you can imagine.

They’ve also done an amazing job at branding themselves and it’s not just online marketing. Whenever you get an Amazon box shipped to your house, you know it’s from Amazon because of the big smile on that brown box. This is branding at it’s best and it’s for everyone to see as well!

There is a lot that we can learn from some of the biggest online retailers who ship products around the world… such as Amazon,, Overstock and many others that you likely are already buying from. These are names that people trust and buy from every day.

Largest Online eCommerce Sites

You will see that there is only one name on the list above that is an actual retail store and that is Sears. If more retail/brick-and-mortar companies don’t start quickly adapting to accepting and shipping products for customers through the internet, then their business is going to die out fast. This is another big factor in the brown box formula.

Ezra Firestone is the guy behind the Brown Box Formula and he was the number one seller for “mullets” online last year. Yes, it sounds ridiculous and silly… but being the number one seller for any product is quite huge. What’s even better is that Ezra was able to create his business around the Brown Box Formula which uses drop shipping, which means he didn’t have to hold any inventory or deal with customer transactions. Instead Ezra’s focus was strictly only marketing his site and products and driving in new customers and sales.

There is also something to be said when you run a business that actually sells a physical product and has a business that you can actually “package and sell”. In the affiliate marketing space you are limited to what you can build and sell if you are constantly building new ad campaigns and jumping from one offer to the next.

Giving Your Customers What They Want

The genius behind creating any successful business is giving the customer what they want. If you were a local retail store and a new customer walks in, it’s likely they know what they are looking for and are ready to buy. This same concept needs to be applied when they search for related products online and come across your online store.

Customer Sales Process

At the basic level this isn’t brain surgery at all, but getting the sales process down and ranking for these products is where the majority of the work comes in. Amazon has become one of the absolute best at creating amazing product pages while also recommending related products to include into your cart, while also making the checkout process extremely easy and effective.

All of this and more is covered in a free report through the Brown Box System, which is titled “How to Get Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Sears, Etsy and Google Shopping to Build You an Online Business – and Pay You During The Process!“.

Shopping Online Made EasyIn this report you’ll discover three really big truths.

  1. People don’t want to buy your crap.
  2. People DO want to buy what they really want – even more than they want to have sex.
  3. You are trying WAY too hard when the key to online success is right in front of your face.

Even if you currently have your own online business and are not looking to expand, it’s always great to learn about other niche markets and see how people are making money through the use of other huge retailers.

Click here to download the free “The Brown Box Report” PDF which is full of 22 pages of useful information on how you can leverage online ecommerce giants to start building a online business of your own.

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  2. This is my first of learning about the Brown Box Formula. From what I have gathered in this post, it really seems like a must have concept to grown online business. Many companies have profited from this concept apart from Amazon. Thanks for sharing the downloadable PDF.

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