Using XML or CSV to Create Massive Affiliate Product Sites

Back when I first started making money online in the mid to late 90’s I did a lot of web site creation and promoting of Amazon’s associate program. Back then the web was young and I didn’t know how to program anything, so what I did was copy the content from Amazon, place it on my site and then sort it into hundreds (even thousands) of pages made out of pure HTML. After I did that, I then had to manually change all of the links over to my affiliate link.

Long story short, it ended up working extremely well and I went on to sell six figures in products for, but it was tedious and time consuming to create all of these sites with this manual process.

Building Sites ManuallyNow everything is much easier to setup and you could even hire a programmer to build out your own sites anyway you like. With the introduction of WordPress it’s now ridiculously easy for anyone to get started with their own site. Throw in some wordpress plugins and the advanced options that affiliate networks offer, and there is no reason why you couldn’t have an awesome affiliate site loaded with content in no time.

Still… even with all the tools out there and the complexities of coding, it can be quite confusing.

This is where tools like WP All Import come in handy and make the process much easier. As mentioned, WordPress has completely changed the way we create web sites, and with plugins it’s even more simple. The concept behind WP All Import is that you can build a simple wordpress site, then using their plugin in you can use any XML or CSV codes from an ad network and import thousands of products right into your site… and your affiliate code is already added in.

Something like this would have saved me all the time in the world back in the day!

To give you a better understand on how the whole process works, you can watch the video below that goes through the full process of installing the plugin, to getting a XML feed, then displaying how the content will be seen on your site.

WP All Import currently works with the following networks:

CommissionJunction, Shopping Warehouse, RegNow, oneNetworkDirect, LinkShare, ShareASale,, Google Affiliate Network, AffiliateWindow, MarketHealth, ClickBank, PepperJam, Webgains, AffiliateFuture, Affilinet , Zanox,  AvantLink and any other networks, that offer valid XML/CSV datafeeds.

XML / CSV… It’s Not Just for Products Anymore

I mentioned that you can use the WP All Import plugin for affiliate networks and their products, but it can actually be used for a lot more. Instead of just focusing on affiliate driven leads, you can also build out your own content sites, local directories and retail/dealership sites. All you need is to find a respective XML or CSV option for whatever niche you are looking to enter.

Going Live with Your New Affiliate Product Site

When I created my Amazon product sites back in the day there was a lot less competition. As nice as it would be to throw a site up and import a ton of products and make money, that simply isn’t the case.

Below you will see a screenshot of what your new product site may look like. Once your site is live and the products are in the place, then the work begins.

When your site is live you are going to need to start adding original content to your site and build incoming links in the process. A great way to do this is to create a review type of site where you can provide actual unique and beneficial reviews on the affiliate products you are selling through your site (then link to those product pages).


There really is a ton of stuff that you can do in the affiliate product space. Whether you are going wide range or very niche, be sure to look at all of your options out there for programs you can join that offer XML and CSV options, while also thinking about how you will build out your site and generate leads.

Save yourself the time of manually importing affiliate products and using a WordPress XML & CSV Import Plugin instead.

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