What is your security and back up plan for your blog? Sure, there are plenty of backup applications and plugins out there, but many of them require you to mess around with your database, buy additional software or plugins and don’t offer you the real security and constant backups that your business really needs.

It’s always been a big concern of mine to have a safe and reliable backup solution for my top blogs. Being that blogs are running off WordPress, you never know what database corruption might come to rise or even if someone manages to place malicious malware on your blog! For all of these problems and more, VaultPress is likely the solution you have been looking for.

VaultPress is brought to you by the same people that created WordPress, and it’s simply the world’s best WordPress security, backup, and support.

Once you are signed up and running your sites backups and security with VaultPress, you will be able to log in at any time and get a quick stats and backup update on your site. This is an actual screenshot of my backup account with VaultPress. To setup your account and site, all you need to do is sign up at their site then setup the VaultPress WordPress plugin with your site.

How Often Does VaultPress Backup WordPress Sites?

Weekly backups are decent, daily ones are better… VaultPress HOURLY backups are best! In the screenshot below you will see hourly backup from VaultPress that are processed every hour, every day. I haven’t logged in my account in several months, but it’s always great to know that VaultPress is working for me while I’m working on what matters.

How Much Does VaultPress Cost?

With such a killer system that makes it easy for any web site owner get a nice sleep at night and not having to worry about their backup situation and losing any data… you would imagine there are some great costs involved. Well, there are costs and they aren’t super cheap, but if you are running a large blog, they are well worth the price.

The billing structure is quite simple… a flat $15 per month / per blog. If you want to setup multiple WordPress driven sites, then you will have to pay $15 a month for each. The price is less than .50 cents per day, but the $15 price tag might scare away smaller blog owners.

For much larger blogs and WordPress driven sites that are pushing massive volume and looking for more security and backup solutions, VaultPress offers a Premium and Enterprise service which are $40 and $350 a month. The average person will be more than fine with their $15 a month plan.

VaultPress is an excellent service for anyone who is concerned about their site data and potentially losing their blog content. For anyone who can’t afford the $15 a month price tag, there are several other alternatives out there but they simple don’t offer the same service.