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If you operate a small or medium-sized enterprise, you may be concerned about how well protected your business might be online. Ultimately most companies have to have an online presence, and with that comes eventual security beaches.

Gone are the days when we knew every type of malicious attacks such as malware, phishing, or virus that would occur.

Technology has evolved, so too has the level of malware, viruses, breaches, and other harmful online security threats.

Since these threats can no longer be handled manually, you have to use advanced software that uses machine learning to stop the threats in their tracks.

The good news is that you can get peace of mind by using Advanced Threat Protection.

Therefore, we’ve included our review of the VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection software to help you protect your business.

Let’s start by looking at the software in more detail below.

What is VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection?

VIPRE Advanced Threat protection applies a multi-pronged approach to cyber threats offering you full network protection. This is so important for security operators of companies to quickly detect, analyze, and control potential hazards to your organization. All in all, the aim is to ensure that when anything is detected, it can quickly be remedied.

This helps bring back the system to normal functioning.

This option is an advanced one for businesses that know how powerful cybersecurity software can leverage machine learning. Ultimately this capability is shown by offering the threat analyzer sandbox, cloud-based intelligence in the form of ThreatIQ, and support to help you manage it.

If this is your first encounter with VIPRE, it’s so important to know that the company has been around since 1994, serving the titans of industry with an extensive suite of business protection options.

Let’s consider more detailed information about the software and how you can leverage it effectively in your business.

Features and benefits


ThreatAnalyzer is a dynamic malware analysis tool. This works like a sandbox and helps you safely unpack the impact of malware on your organization. This means you are more prepared when there is a real threat.

This works well in that we will often see security risks disguised as files we know, such as PDFs, MS Office documents, and more. We easily click the links, and that’s when it can lead to malicious sites, and that can quickly negatively impact your business. Using the ThreatAnalyzer, you have a powerful weapon against future attacks.

ThreatAnalyzer has an extremely customizable environment. Therefore, you can recreate your virtual and native application stack. This will show you exactly how the malware behaves across your systems.

More than that, you will be able to identify your network shortcomings quickly. This is done by looking at the malware and typical patterns that help it exploit all your environments.

Finally, the behavioral detection engine looks at unknown malware and looks for signals that it might be a threat. It will consider how to fight this attack.

This can be used on the cloud, where it’s housed, or directly on your company server. It’s a matter of which option for the best method for you.

How it works:

  • It will analyze and win against almost any cyber attack.
  • Using this tool, you can quickly review suspicious attacks and reroute them.
  • You can use the tool to curb ransomware, zero-day threats, which can be moved to a sandbox, where it is detonated and then used as a model to fight future attacks.
  • A great benefit is that you can learn more about future attacks without compromising your current system.
  • This can be used anywhere, even for the most sensitive organizations like government security.
  • You can then run the executable files and URLs in the monitored space, and then it will do the work to identify those threats
  • Once you detonate the malware samples, you’ll also know which systems need work since they can easily be affected.

Let’s now look at the second part of the protection.


ThreatIQ gives you real-time information to prevent and strengthen your security online. This can also help you stop any attacks before they even start. We know how sophisticated cyber threats have become, using drive-by websites, ransomware, and other attacks like phishing emails.

The good news is that ThreatIQ is cloud-based threat intelligence. This is done by using dynamic behavioral analysis reports. The malware samples are then sent to VIPRE labs, where they send back analysis in detail of the challenges.

Additionally, there are online border patrol reports, which means that any suspicious or malicious domains, subdomains, and IPs are checked.

Also, you will have access to a variety of malware traffic reports. This includes network captures files that have potentially harmful samples.

How it works:

  • The software provides you with current data. This includes real-time information from across the globe to give you an idea of where attacks may originate.
  • This helps you focus your cybersecurity effectively.
  • The lab can then support you to quarantine these attacks.
  • In that way, it doesn’t just stop one attack vector but a variety of them using ThreatIQ, so you are always covered for every type of infiltration.
  • It also works on a flexible set of REST API’s to make it so easy to operate.


These are some of the advantages of using VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection:

  • Comprehensive threat protection that uses machine learning and sophisticated software to stop malware in its tracks.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Support labs offered by VIPRE to help identify potential risks.
  • Provides rigorous reports on threats to your company and also helps you plan for future threats.


These are some of the challenges of Advanced Threat Protection:

  • It does consume a lot of space upon the first installation, so that may slow down your computer.
  • It may involve a learning curve if you are new to the software, so allow for this.

Final Thoughts on VIPRE Security Solutions

VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection is a cybersecurity software that uses advanced tools to help you keep your company’s network safe from malware, hacks, and phishing.

It always stays ahead of the curve by offering two parts.

The first being the ThreatAnalyzer, which will help you review any suspicious activity on your company network, isolate it, and effectively deal with it.

Additionally, you can also take it a step further by using the ThreatIQ part of the software, which intelligently works to give you real-time information about online threats and learning more about potential malware.

Understanding both parts will be helpful when choosing to use this software. We recommend reviewing your company’s security needs and VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection’s features and benefits before making the final decision.

If you enjoyed reading this post on VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection, please feel free to check out more information on their website here.

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