Visual Eye Tracking to Perfect Your Ad Creative

By pre-testing creatives, advertisers will know what their consumers see and equally important, what they do not see. This will help pick the ads that get the most attention, and hence maximize return on marketing investments. Equally, post-testing how well ads performed in the market place enable advertisers to compare media placements, identify which positions get the best click through rates and build a set of best practices to help increase market share in ROI.

Pre-Test – and Save Money

The advantage of using EyeTrackShops patented biometric technology in the pre-testing phase of research is that you will learn precisely what your consumers see and just as important, what they do not see. Many of our clients will test 5-10 variations of their creatives and we help them learn which creative is getting the most attention in terms of percentage of respondents that actually sees it as well as in terms of the amount of time respondents spend on it. Together with revealing key insights such as where consumer look, for how long and in what order, this enables clients to choose the most engaging communication and hence to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement. EyeTrackShop helps clients spend their marketing money more wisely. The actionable insights are delivered fast, in just 48 hours. Delivering final detailed results in 48 hours means companies can now use these insights to be proactive instead of reactive to what worked or did not work. Being proactive turns into huge savings. Companies can make smart decisions on what is seen and what is not seen before using specific communication material (packages, online ads, print ads, shelf sets etc.) Instead of reacting when they find out consumers did not see their key message.

The video below is from CNN and shows how visual eye tracking is used with heat map tracking.

New methods needed when people stop clicking on ads online and as branding advertising grows

A growing issue for marketers today is the changing consumer behavior online: less and less people choose to click on banner ads. Consequently, the value of tracking clicks in order to measure the effectiveness of ads online decrease. At the same time, more and more advertisers acknowledge the branding power of online messaging. Consumers today spend more time online then they do watching TV, and as a result, online is the place to be in order to become top of mind as well as to become salient enough to win on the market. This pushes for new methods for measuring advertisement performance online. Eye tracking through webcams is one such method that provides advertisers with a toolbox of important key performance indicators to track and benchmark.

By post testing how well online ads, websites, packages etc. actually did in the market place, clients can build a set of best practices to ensure they do not get stagnant with their message. Also, different media contexts can be compared in order to pinpoint where the campaign had the best effect. Another great insight is that we can help clients identify which positions get the best click through rates. Remember, eyes don’t lie.

This guest post was written by Jeff from Eye Track Shop.

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  1. I can't believe how far technology has come these days… Makes me wonder how they made effective advertisements way back when without any of this stuff!!


    1. Imagine having eye tracking in a movie theatre and having hundreds of tests done at one (for previews and ads)… never know what the future may hold!

  2. Hi, Jeff,
    I like the idea of a feature that can help clients to spend their marketing money more wisely. The EyeTrackShop even delivers the result within 48 hours, which is quite quick and user friendly. Eyes don't lie, that's for sure. A perfect pre test and money savior.
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    1. The rapid turn around time is really great. Nothing worse than having to wait around for someone else before you can start running some advertising.

  3. This is superb! 🙂 I would like to congratulate everyone behind this innovation in advertising. Now advertisers would not need to focus on what is not being captured by the consumers' eyes.

    1. Google offers a lot of case studies on how the eyes of a user navigates through a landing page. (Top left to bottom right)… great stuff for web design!

  4. That is utterly insane!!!

    I guess the next step will be to "hijack"peoples webcams to see where they are looking on your webpage rather than just where their mouse pointer is!!

    Awesome technology though!
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    1. Definitely. I'm sure they will soon have "paid to" concepts where people can use their computer on a daily basis, but their eyes are tracked based on the web sites they use.

  5. Zac, do people use this for Websites? That could be a HUGE tool. Let me know if You or anyone You know has used this technology and seen a benefit. This is one of those things that seems too good to be true, but if it works, this could be a big deal!

    Mr Credit

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