Waiting on WidgetBucks Stats

If you’ve added the new WidgetBucks widget to your web site, I’m sure you’re anxiously waiting for the first sets of stats to come in. Basically, what we are waiting on, will pretty much "make" or "break" this company. After Jim contacted a bunch of blogs, the WidgetBucks nearly got as much promotion as BlogRush. It would be a shame to see such promotion go to waste if bad initial stats come out. I guess we will have to wait a little longer and see.

I setup two skyscraper widgets on one of my network sites and have served over almost 200,000 impressions and brought in almost 300 clicks so far. The banners are targeted to show products based on "Movies"… so we’ll see how these initial clicks earn up on the first report.

Why are the stats delayed so much? I don’t know, but I really wouldn’t have went live with the program until this was fixed and accurate. This is almost reminding me on the demise of AuctionAds before this program even gets started! Anyone else out there pushing WidgetBucks and getting any decent click through rates, or have any comments on the new program?


Just a couple hours after making this post, WidgetBucks responds and posts stats! Unfortunately the earnings I’m seeing are less than stellar. This just may be because of my traffic, as I’m sure other sites with shopping or tech themes would perform a lot better. I’ve already heard from some other blogs that they are pulling some decent CPM numbers. My test breakdown numbers looks something like this:
200,000 Impressions, 304 clicks and $6.94 Commissions… average of 0.022 per click.

I’m not that surprised, nor upset. These are initial stats and this just means I need to do more testing. Setting the category of ads shown to "Movies" will likely pull in the most clicks, but are probably low earning clicks. I will not start tracking and monetizing the program by running a few other categories and see how they perform. I will keep running the program at least until I hit my minimum payment requirements. AuctionAds wasn’t that great the first month I ran them, but the next month after, I was able to rack up $1700+ in commissions.

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  1. I took your advise and join this Widgetbucks

    I have gotten a few clicks but.. I guess we have to wait in see.. another thing I notice is that if you use the same ad code twice in the same page .. it dosent work.. you have to create new ad code for each unit you want to display.. thats stupid if you ask me ..

    1. Yea, I was getting annoyed with the admin area as well. I setup some codes for another site and ran them for a few days, it never picked up or tracked the banners!

  2. I just logged in to my widgetbucks and it is now showing income! Not too bad either…about what I was expecting.

  3. The delay is not an issue for me. As long as the money comes in. I don´t make over $10k every month on the net by being impatient. My initial click values are good, but not sustainable.

  4. Hi Zac, Thanks for your coverage of WidgetBucks – it is really taking off. I looked into your account and saw that the $6.94 is revenue from one day, while the 304 clicks are actually from five days of data. To dig for this level of data, you have to expand each line. We’re now changing the reporting such that the rollup numbers will only show complete days – so we don’t confuse people, and they can compare apples to apples. Looking at just that one day, there are 96 clicks, which brings you up to a Revenue Per Click of $0.072. You’re also correct that the “Movies” category pays very low per click – it’s one of the lowest paying product categories overall. And thank you for your seasoned perspective that testing and a couple months of data are a good idea to get the most $$$ from the program. Sean, VP Product Marketing, Mpire

    1. sean,

      is there anyway that you can also add a total revenue to the control panel. Im like zac and have several widgets and if I expand and have more I dont want to have to open the calculator to get a total tally for $$ I have earned. Thanks


      Keep the updates coming zac, I appreciate it.

    2. Awesome Sean, thanks. This will heavily increase the earnings for the program. I will continue to tweak and monitor this program. I look forward to posting more information and earnings on this program.

      1. Zack you got mpire taking care of ya. 😉 Cant wait to see your next numbers. By the way, thanks for that contact you sent via email. I have it all set up.

  5. I am running widgetbucks on http://www.funnyexamanswers.com (Under you Zac, John chow is annoying me to tears with his contant dealdotcom pushing.) My adsense units will outperform the widget bucks units if I get $0.07 per click and they are in worse positions.

    My CTR is decent and I am running consoles – so I am hoping that my earnings per click will be a bit higher than $0.07 – but I still don't have stats. (I started a day or two behind the initial rush).

    On another note – in the ToS it says we aren't allowed to share our CTR data and what not – yet somebody from mpire posted here – so I assume it's A ok.

    On a third note – for those who aren't sure wether to stick with this program or not – double your earnings – is this a satisfactory level? If it is use widgetbucks till you hit $25 in earnings then go back to your usual method. You gotta remember that you get that bonus $25 :).

    On a fourth note – Zac are you running widgetbucks on a product site? If you are you CTR seems rather small – I am averaging 0.25% and my site has absolutely nothing to do with products at all – in fact it's humor traffic and that is almost as bad as arcade traffic 😛

  6. Good to hear that you were successful with AA. The question I have to ask is where did you go or how much research went into finding that niche of goods on the 'bay that produced such results.

    I've been running AA since its inception only to fall flat on my face with it.

  7. I tried Widget Bucks for a few days and the code seriously slowed down my websites. It wasn't worth its slot as it reduced the impressions of my pages and other ads.

  8. I really dont think widget bucks will pay off at all. I find it funny that there are a lot of these services out there that pay very low eCPM rates. Why dont some of these companies put up their eCPM rates, because the more sites they have on board, the more they make even if the percentage is less. I just can understand why they give out a low percentage and expect to maintain good business!

  9. Well I must say that I'm really happy with Widget Bucks.

    My average per click for:

    TV Shows DVDs is 0.10 $

    Shoes- 0.20$


    Which is far better than I'm earning for Adsense. Great ad network for me ATM

  10. Going well so far, with $0.14 ECPM and $0.29 CPC on my first 125k impressions for $17.

    I recommend sticking with the higher paying laptop type ads, which have a lower CTR but higher earnings overall.

  11. From your review, I believe I am going to have to look into this! Thanks!!!

    -from a newbie thinking about starting her own blog

  12. Thanks for the review, do keep us posted. I haven't look at widgetbucks until I read your review.

  13. I have heard the widgetbucks is not worth the time as you don't make anything. I think your impressions vs. your click through rate are evident of that. And don't forget the .02 you made per click.

  14. The delay is not an issue for me. As long as the money comes in. I don´t make over $10k every month on the net by being impatient. My initial click values are good, but not sustainable.

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