9 Ways to Use Webinars to Grow and Scale Your Business

The concept of webinars are nothing new, but for the most part, they are only being used at a mere fraction of what their true potential is. When you think about the word ‘webinar’, you might think about a salesy video marketing method that online brands and marketing promote to your Facebook feed.

In truth, webinars are actually much more — but this method is one that has saturated the online marketing space as of lately. We’ve actually seen webinar usage increase during 2015 more than in previous years.

The reason for this…? Webinars work!


Today we are going to take a look at nine different ways entrepreneurs, brands and businesses can start using webinars to not only generate revenue for themselves, but also increase awareness, gain trust from their audience, cut time, minimize costs and scale their business to levels they never thought possible.


1 – Grow and Clean Your Mailing List

Webinars are an excellent for growing mailing lists. You likely already have a mailing list of your own, but how many of them are actually responsive? If you wanted to clean up your list and get all of the emails of the most response people, simply start a webinar and have a new list created from everyone who attends.


2 – Building Brand Awareness and Trust

Content creation is great, but it’s usually a one-sided conversation with you speaking to your audience. With a webinar, your audience is watching live video and they are engaged throughout the whole process. One of the best ways to sell to an audience, is to gain their trust and show your real value.


3 – Pre-Sell Your Next Project in Advance

Over the past several years we’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs come out with websites and blogs of their own, only to come out with a real product or service later on. Through the use of webinars, you could hold “free events” and learn what your audience is in need of, then sell this product to them before it’s even created. Not only is this a great way to generate revenue, it’s also a perfect way to confirm there is a demand for your product before even making it.


4 – Becoming a Better Speaker and Presentation

One of the most common fears in the world today is public speaking. Even though you are still behind a computer screen when running a webinar, it’s still challenging to get on the mic and talk to a live audience. However, this is something that you will improve with over time. The more webinars you host, the better a speaker and presenter you will become over time.


5 – Co-Host and Interview Authority Experts

A great way to show off your own expertise and authority, is to associate yourself with other experts within your niche. A great way to accomplish this is by doing a co-hosted webinar with other marketers or experts online. There are many opportunities like this out there, it’s simply a matter of you finding them. Some will even do a rev-share with you where you earn a commission on any sales generated from your webinar.


6 – Eliminate Wasted Time for In-Office Meetings

When it comes to running a business and working in an actual office, one of the biggest time wasters throughout the day are meetings. It’s not just the concept of meetings, it’s also the planning, attending, note taking and everything else in between. Through the use of enterprise video conferencing solutions for IT by companies like BlueJeans, businesses and organizations of all sizes can effectively cut down on wasted time and costs that in-person meetings generate. Just like how live webinars are created for interacting with audiences around the world, the same approach can be taken with in-office meetings and management.


7 – Increase Conversions on High-Ticket Items

Webinars have proven to be extremely effective when trying to sell high-ticket items. In the past, we have seen long form sales pages work extremely well for $97 ebooks and products, but if you want to sell big ticket items in the $499-$999+ range, you are going to first need to build a relationship. This is exactly what is accomplished during a 60 minute webinar. The end result is likely a 5-10% conversion rate from your webinar audience… multiple times higher than what you would see from a typical email send out or basic landing page.


8 – Save Time with Automated Webinars

As amazing as webinars are, they are definitely time consuming. Every time you want to run a webinar, you are looking at anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes of pre-planning, setup, speaking and Q&A afterwards. After you’ve done your first webinar, see if you can automate the process by playing that same webinar to new audiences in the future. Depending on the webinar provider you go with, this may already be built into their system.


9 – Reach New Audience and Increase Revenue with JVs

Once you’ve mastered the art of running your own webinar and know that you have a product that sells, a great way to massively scale your reach, audience and revenue is through joint-venturing with other online marketers and site owners. A good example of this would be if you did a rev-share with another big site. You would setup the webinar (content, service, sales), then your JV partner would provide the audience. Not only are you looking at getting a bunch of sales, you will also grow your mailing list by hundreds (or even thousands) in the process. Repeat this model and see how you can massively grow your business in a short period of time.

How to Start Using Webinars for Your Brand or Business

As you can see, webinars are a whole lot more than just selling products and services to an audience. Whether you are trying to build a personal brand, sell high-ticket items or are just an organization that is trying to cut costs and connect with each other through live video… webinars are simply the best way to go.

Your competition has been using webinars for years… why are you?

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