Webmaster Tools

Everyone loves a new set of Webmaster Tools to pull reports and provide you with some new juicy info. Below is a list of some useful resource sites you might not yet have heard, or just simply forgot about.

Alerta Spot Check
Check your URL from several different locations around the world and make sure your site is loading properly.
DNS Stuff
A cool site that allows you to easily check your DNS Report, Whois Information and Reverse Lookup.
Web Site Optimization
Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis
MarketLeap Search Engine Marketing Tools
Pull free reports on your Link Popularity, Search Engine Saturation and Keyword Verification
Overture Inventory Search
Old, but still an awesome resource for top keyword searches and phrases. (usually loads slow)

Know of any other useful resource sites that you think may be useful? Send them over and I will add them to my Marketing Tools section.

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  1. hey zac, i have used the programs that you have introduced and i have them useful and will have to tweak better since i took 2 secs to load my front page in areas like hongkong and china, but as for the rest of the world its on average like 0.8-1 seconds

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