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One of the best ways to make your web site or blog stand out from the crowd is to have a professional looking site design. Back when the internet was mostly HTML, it was a lot more complex and more expensive to create a custom look and feel for your site. Now with WordPress powering a great majority of sites on the internet, getting a clean and professional looking theme for your site is only a few clicks away. Not only has it become much easier, it’s also become much cheaper in the process.

I remember when I used to pay a designer $500 to create a custom PSD and HTML design for my sites. Those days are long gone and so is the need to hire a design to create a custom theme or design for your site. Now anyone can use web site template and wordpress theme marketplaces to find the perfect look and feel to match your site… and usually for under $100. is one of the largest web site template marketplaces on the internet. With over 50,000 themes and templates to choose from, not only are they one of the largest — they are also one of the oldest! Template Monster has successful stood through the test of time and specializes in web site templates and wordpress themes across all major platform,such as Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, HTML, Responsive themes and more.

Template Monster – Finding the Right Web Site Design

When it comes to finding the right look and feel for your site, it can get quite overwhelming — especially if you are just starting out and not sure of the best places to look. The first thing you need to know if the platform that your site is currently running off of and that any themes or templates you do use are easy to install. In most cases, the average person is probably using WordPress.

If you have an ecommerce or shopping site, you might be using another platform like PrestaShop or Magento. No matter what platform you are using Template Monster has site designs for all of them and makes it easy for you to browse through their site to find exactly what you need.

With the majority of sites now going with the WordPress platform, we can stick with that concept for now. When you visit Template Monster, you will see them pushing WordPress Themes right on their main page. All you need to do is click the “WordPress” category and you’ll be sent to a page like the screenshot below. From there you can then browse through all of their WordPress themes and sort by category, best sellers, features, ratings and more.


Another benefit to using Template Monster for your WordPress Themes is that they’ve created their own Cherry Framework, which makes it easy for anyone to update and customize their site with just a few clicks. The Cherry Framework was created to make it easy for non-technical site owners to easily make advanced modifications and improvements to their site without the need to hiring outside support or design work. These features include adding videos, maps, tabs, audio, customized lists and much more.

Template Monster for Affiliate Marketers

Site designs and templates aren’t just for site owners and bloggers, they are also important for online marketers — especially affiliate marketers. When building out an affiliate ad campaign, you are going to need to create a landing page. A landing page is the page that a visitor will hit before being sent to the actual advertiser / registration page. Landing pages are needed for two reasons.

1 – To increase conversions vs. sending traffic directly to the advertiser page
2 – To stay compliant with many traffic sources and search advertising

In short, nearly all online businesses and marketers are going to need landing pages to effectively promote their ads campaigns.

Template Monster knows about landing pages all too well… not only because of the market needs, but also in how they promote their own site and services as well. With all of that being said, Template Monster also offers landing page templates through their marketplace as well.


One of the biggest problems with landing pages, is that they cost a lot of money to design from scratch. The last thing an affiliate marketer or business wants to do, is make a huge upfront cost before their campaign even gets started.

Through the use of Template Monster, anyone can purchase a landing page template, customize it to their needs and start sending traffic to their offers. Best of all, most of the landing pages found on Template Monster are only around $14.


eCommerce Themes for Every Solution

As important as finding the right look and feel for your site is, so is the importance of navigation and eliminating unnecessary distractions from your audience. This is particularly important to ecommerce sites, that absolutely must convert their audience into sales and paying customers.

Finding the right ecommerce theme is all about matching the niche focus of your site, while also having enough white space and looking professional at the same time.

Before looking around for the best “looking” ecommerce theme, you must first make sure you are looking at right platform. For example, in the screenshot below you can see some of the many difference ecommerce platforms out there, such as Magento, ZenCart, WooThemes, Shopify and PrestaShop and many others. Once you know your platform, you can then click on it and view the hundreds of templates that may be available.


Through the Template Monster ecommerce gallery, you can sort through their templates based on the category or niche focus of your site, while also viewing based on reviews and best sellers. While a custom design can cost you thousands of dollars, many of the top ecommerce themes available through Template Monster, only cost around $139 each.


Whether you are looking for a simple WordPress theme for your new blog, a landing page for your next marketing campaign or a full ecommerce theme to increase sales and engagement for your online store — Template Monster has you covered.

Make Money with the Template Monster Affiliate Program

With over ten years of experience and millions of templates sold through their site, Template Monster has become quite a well known name in the online marketing space. This is good not only for the buyers on their site, but also for the many WordPress, blogging and online marketing resource sites across the internet as well — in that they have their own affiliate program.

Site owners can join the Template Monster affiliate program and recommend the site as a high quality resource for website templates and themes, while also earning a commission on any referred sales. With the average template theme price at $90, this means affiliates could be earning an average commission of $18 per sale. In addition to earning a commission on referred sales, Template Monster also offers a 365 day life cookie, which means you will keep earning commissions on any customers the go back to purchase from Template Monster again.

Additional benefits of the Template Monster affiliate program include.

  • – The ability to earn commissions on 50K+ products found on Template Monster.
  • Template Monster sites are multi-lingual, which means you can earn money through your traffic no matter where it’s coming from.
  • Payment methods include Paypal, Scrill, SWIFT, Payoneer, Webmoney, and ACH.
  • 24/7 support by a trained affiliate team that can also provide you with exclusive promotions, coupons and ad creative.
  • Earn a 5% commission on any referred affiliates to the Template Monster affiliate program, for life!

There is a ton of money to be made in the online marketing and blogging resource niche right now. Every day someone goes on the internet for the first time and many of them will go on to create their own web site or blog for the first time, while also looking for a quality template or theme along the way. Recommend Template Monster as one of the top resources to your audience, and you can earn some nice pocket change in the process! Template Monster Coupon Code:
Use promo code “blogtips” to save 10% off your Template Monster order!

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