What are the Best Affiliate Networks?

I frequently get asked, what are the top affiliate networks to work with, and I usually answer the same thing… which is it depends on what method of affiliate marketing you are focusing on, how you want to deliver leads and the type of offers you are looking for.

Best Affiliate Marketing Ad NetworksBut let’s be honest… affiliate marketing isn’t what it used to be. Anyone with a couple thousand dollars can order a fancy logo, site design and create their own ad network.

The last thing you want to do is put your hard earned money, time and effort into promoting an ad network might go out of business next week and might not even send your first affiliate payment out.

If you are a somewhat newer affiliate, it’s a good idea to start working with the biggest players in the game first… the big guys that aren’t going anyone and have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions, if not BILLIONS!

These are some of the largest and most successful affiliate networks;

It’s safe to say that you aren’t going to have any problems with these ad networks, as they have been around forever and house thousands of different affiliate programs and merchants within their networks.

So what’s the different from all the smaller affiliate networks and the guys mentioned above. Smaller affiliate networks usually have different types of offers which are more exclusive or custom branded. These can be anything from weight loss, zip, email submit and download related offers. It’s much easier to promote these offers through smaller ad networks as most of the offers aren’t for high end and managed brands.

Some of my top and recommended affiliate networks are;

Finding the Best Affiliate NetworkHowever there are literally hundreds of ad networks out there and everyone has their own preferences. You can also check out sites like top 20 affiliate networks, affiliate paying and several Facebook affiliate groups to see how other people are rating affiliate networks.

At the end of the day there is no “best affiliate network” as something new is always in the works… instead it’s a matter of finding which ad network is best for you, finding an affiliate manager that helps you grow your ad campaigns and also getting paid on time with the highest payouts.

Feel free to comment with your recommended affiliate networks and experiences.

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  1. wow I have been working with Affiliate marketing for a while and I think I just realized I have been listening to the wrong people .Becuase no one has mentioned these to me before! I am going to go check them all out.thanks a lot
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  2. I think ClickBank and Amazon are the best one
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  3. I recently joined Peerfly and updated an entire site their offers. Super easy to use! I also find Amazon to have the highest conversion rate by far.

  4. Great article.

    I just joined remmely.com and peerfly.com and CommissionJunction.com.

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