What are Your Favorite Affiliate Networks & Why?

I think back to around 2000 quite often, when things were still all coming together. At that time there wasn’t the massive amount of affiliate networks and it was no where near as easy to buy some licensing software and setup shop. Back then we had the big players like CJU, LinkShare, WebSponsors, BeFree and a few others. I also remember when the Sharesale network first came out and I really liked what I was seeing. So much, that after I pulled all my merchant programs off CJ, I loaded most of them onto Shareasale. I’ve been an advertiser and affiliate with them since the beginning.

These days, there are just a massive onslaught of ad networks right in your face. With so much competition out there, how can they all last? Even just looking back 2-3 years ago when DirectTrack released their own operating system for running your own network, everyone in the world was starting their own! Even I had my own network for a few months! I couldn’t deal with the management and frustration of running a network on my own, so I said forget that!… but I can say that I tried it! Find a list of DirectTrack’s clients that were running their network software and I’m sure that most of them are out of business or never got to make it big. (Two examples of networks that have thrived using DirectTrack, are XY7 and CPAEmpire) Why is that? DirectTrack had a decent system for managing networks… but I’m sure the offers, competitive rates and affiliate support just wasn’t there.

I really only use a handful of networks for the majority of my business. What matters to me more than anything else is getting the attention and support I deserve. If another network is paying 5% more on an offer, but I’m not already established with them… I don’t care. My personal relationship means all the difference. Just off-hand, five of my top preferred networks are. NeverBlueAds, PepperJam Network, RocketProfit, ValueClick Media & Shareasale. I’ve never had an issue with payment, I’ve always had someone personable at the company to work with, and I’ve made good money with all of them. What are your favorite affiliate networks and how can they better serve you?

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  1. Interesting affiliate network review. We are going through the process to consider which affiliate networks we should get listed in.


    Affiliate Manager


  2. wow zac that is a lot I thought having








    were alot! don't worry I will be at your status soon!

  3. I really like using Azoogle, Rocket Profit and Neverblue. To name one that wasn't on your list, I Recently I started using Ads4dough and have really liked working with them, they have some great offers and very fair payouts.

  4. I just signed up for both RocketProfit and PepperJam, both of which are unique in their own sense.

    To me, pepperjam just seems like a smaller commission junction. I can't quite find anything that really makes it stand out except for its slick interface. We'll see how it progresses though.

  5. I am using Azoogle for year, neverblueads, and just signed up with RocketProfit which has some unique offers with highest payout I ever seen.

  6. I like amazon affiliate program the best. sorry it wasn't in your list but that's mine.

    once you get to the 7-8% level it gets worth the effort and I find it much easier to get people buying there then some offer page.

    1. I used the Amazon.com program when I first started out. Amazon.com is an awesome source for content, the sales and commissions are just a plus!

  7. The only one that has converted for me is Commission Junction. But I am still new at this. I have accounts at five other networks and a couple of self run programs. This has been my biggest month so far.

  8. Mine are

    neverblue: great stuff ..always something new

    Kolimbo : simply great

    pepper jam : exclusive program I was looking for and great service

    rocket profit : support and exclusive offer

    and friend finder famaly : a classic

  9. Zac:

    Why all the love for pepperjam? Other than the fact that it is run my Kris Jones, I am trying to figure out why pepperjam is so magical.

    Don't get me wrong . . . I hope it turns out to be a great asset for affiliate marketers. I just don't understand the love affair with a network that has yet to be tested for any length of time.

    1. By the way Zac, I just discovered your blog about a week ago and I am very impressed. There is a wealth of information here and I am learning a ton from you.

      Thank you so much.

  10. There hasn't been a longevity to these particular AF networks PepperJam Network, RocketProfit. Curious what makes them great besides the sign-up [$$$] 🙂

    1. Since joining these networks, I have been in constant contact with my reps and owners. Not only are they there for anything I need, but they are pushing hard for me to run offers on their network and they let me know what's worth running.

      Both networks also have a nice selection of unique and exclusive offers. The majority of offers on PepperJam, are names that have never been promoted before in the affiliate space.

      Both of these networks will be big players and big earners for myself as well.

  11. For financial products, nobody listed NCS. The service of NCS is the best, maybe now that Bankrate.com bought them out, NCS will enter the retial marketspace. CommissionSoup has the best payouts, but the service is so far below standards, I could not even begin to write about it.

    What about LinkShare? I still use them for 35% of my business. CJ has the best retail products in my opinion, but the CJ Nazi Police make up stories to mess you affiliates too much. CJ has a God complex.

    PepperJam is new but the service and some unique products are proving fruitfull. Relationships are important in any business facet, and PepperJam is proving to be a service based leader (so far).

  12. Our favorite is CJ, because it provides complete web services support. The problem is not all affiliate network provide webservice or API. So here we just release a program can do the work for some other affiliate networks.

    Our program gives you Well formatted XML files by claw affiliate network webpages. Currently, we support these affiliate networks: Affiliate Future, Paid On Results and Performics. Still to come: Shareasale, clixGalore, Kolimbo and more.

    Hope you like it.

  13. From the other perspective, we really like Shareasale.com to promote our products. We've had great success with them over the last couple years. And because their costs are lower than some of the bigger players we can offer higher commissions on our sales.

  14. My main networks are Azoogle & NeverBlueAds. I use them already several years and are very happy with them. Personnaly, I don't like to switch all the time, but to stuck with a few only and build up a good relation with them!

  15. My favorites: cj.com and amazon.com. They have wide variety of products that work well with my sites

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