What is the Future of Online Gambling and Sports Betting?

Written by Zac Johnson
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The world of online gambling is quite the industry to be in. High payouts and even higher advertiser budgets with limitless opportunities for growth and revenue. Though the jump from being a ‘regular’ affiliate to a online casino or gambling affiliate can be quite a large leap.

Sure, the opportunity to earn $150-$300 per new player referred to an online casino seems too good to be true, but what holds back many US based affiliate marketers is all of the legal talk and regulation in place and simply not knowing how to promote online gambling offers effectively.

I remember when I went to a strictly online gambling based conference at the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas back in early 2000s it was quite the industry and talk to be in, but as time went on the casino industry tended to stay in the background, or at least get segregated into their own conferences from the mainstream and affiliate marketing world. Even Google doesn’t allow online gambling advertising in their search results anymore, and some casinos were actually paying $80-$100+ PER CLICK back in the day!

The numbers behind the online gambling niche is absolutely ridiculous and it simply can’t be ignored. With the possible regulation of sports betting being allowed in Atlantic City, NJ and most recently the approved use of hand held devices to play casino games within real casinos, there is a lot going. Even more exciting is the upcoming regulation talk on online gambling and if/when it will be approved within the United States.

Honestly… if people are going to want to gamble online (sports betting, poker, gaming), they are going to find a way to do it. The US is just missing out on billions of taxes dollars my continuing their legal issues with online gambling while other countries continue to benefit from it.

Should the US accept and approve online gambling, it will totally change the way online gambling and affiliate marketers do business online.

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