What is Your Favorite Affiliate Network Right Now?

In the world of internet and affiliate marketing, one minute you are a hot commodity and the next day you aren’t. This especially applies to affiliate and ad networks. Lately it seems like there is a new survey going around every month to rank the top ad networks. This is always “fun” because it means all of the ad networks are sending out emails to all of their affiliates begging for a nice vote for their network. When you are signed up to a ton of networks like I am, it’s always great to get a ton of emails asking for the same thing…

The thing about ad networks and ranking them on who are the best is that the networks who are in the top ten today likely won’t be in the top ten next year… or even in business. So does it really matter?

If you want my business, it’s all about personal contact and building a relationship that grows over time. It’s likely no one is going to benefit and bring in six figure affiliates based on them being ranked on a top ten list or survey. The real affiliates and people that can drive volume are contacted and worked with on a much personal level. This is business, not a popularity contest.

With all of that said, there is yet another top 10 affiliate network list that is making it’s round across the internet. This time it is a report from Performance Marketing Insider and the data is said to be comprised of nearly 10,000 individual results. Many of the names on the list will be familiar, but you might be asking yourself is where are the big players like Commission Junction, Shareasale and LinkShare. These networks are major players, yet they are rarely seen on the “network rating lists”. However, the better question to be asked is is how many of the names on the list are you actually work with?

The top ten ad networks feature are…

9) W4
8) Adknowledge Affiliate Network
7) Convert2Media
6) ClickBooth
5) CPAlead
4) Adscend Media
3) MaxBounty
2) Affiliate Venture Group
1) PeerFly

It’s also important to note that the infographic was created by Cake Marketing, who is also the tracking platform of choice for three of the top ten ad networks listed in top 10 affiliate networks report. Will we continue to see more networks move over to Cake Marketing after the last DirectTrack debacle a few months ago?

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  1. "The thing about ad networks and ranking them on who are the best is that the networks who are in the top ten today likely won’t be in the top ten next year… or even in business. So does it really matter?"

    The industry is constantly changing, but we have been the most voted network twice in a row now and before that we were a top emerging network. I think this list shows which companies are being proactive in the industry and those are the people I want to work with.
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    1. Agreed. If you are continually ranking as the top network time after time it does mean something. It's the other rankings outside of the top 3 which are constantly changing. A few of the names on the top 10 list in this report you would not have seen or heard of a couple years back.

  2. Never heard of two on your list. I will check them out but for now I go for CPAlead .. cheers!
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  3. A little surprised that the big ones aren't on the list like CJ, ShareASale and LinkShare. Maybe the list is more for lead generation instead of profits from sales.

    1. I think these networks are excluded from many lists as they are simply way too large and dwarf these smaller networks in advertisers/affiliates/merchants and volume. I'm not bashing any networks, there is just a big difference in the way "affiliate networks" and how "the big 3" operate.

  4. My favorite network from the list is CPALead, however I never heard of 8,9,10. Btw Zac, you switched places for MaxBounty and Affiliate Venture Group on the list above the infographic.
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  5. Zac

    I'm definitely feeling clickbank and amazon affiliate right now, I been doing very well with them
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    1. I also did very well with Amazon back in the day. They are just so huge and loaded with quality products and customers that they will continue to be a huge player in the affiliate space… even if their commissions are only a few percentage points.

  6. As per i know most of the bloggers depends on only Click Bank and Amazon affiliate now, it will be nice and interesting to check out new affiliate sites. Thanks for posting this useful infograph.

  7. Hi Zac,
    This is a good list. My favorite network is not Peerfly, but CPAlead. Because of the widget, everything is simple.
    Best regards, At<q

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