What Makes an Awesome Affiliate Network?

With so many affiliate networks out there, how are you supposed to choose and what makes you work with one more than others. Here are just a few factors that come into play when I’m deciding what affiliate networks to work with.

A Personable Relationship
Probably my number one factor when working with a network is to have an established relationship with the company. Being able to contact my affiliate manager on AIM through out the day is a big plus. With most of the networks I am working with, I find that my affiliate manager has become a good friend, rather than just another business associate. I feel comfortable holding a regular conversation with many of account manager and am open with them on ideas on how to better increase campaigns and landing pages. I want to work with an affiliate manager that is fun and not always pushing offers down my throat.

Premium Rates & Exclusive Offers
Getting paid the top tier rates and receiving “premium” or “exclusive” offers is awesome. Going back to my “Personable Relationship” point, I would gladly stay with a company I have been working with for a while than jump to a new offer if they have an offer for a few percentage points more. A network that goes out of their way to bring you high rates, premium offers and tries to keep me happy will always get my business.

It’s Not Hard to Point Out Networks that Take the Extra Step!

These were just a couple of my BIG points that I look for when running with an affiliate network. If you are making money online, you are probably make some of your revenue (if not all) through an affiliate network… so what are you looking for when you join an affiliate network, or what do you love about your current revenue generating network?

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  1. Was going to talk on phone today with Market leverage guys, they accept us if we deal on phone and accept the rules. This shows how trustable they are 🙂

    Btw good post 🙂

  2. They certainly know how to be the best with what they do.

    Being in contact straight from the start with a company will make everything great from the start.

    Best Wishes


  3. Hey Zac,

    Just saw your post – thanks for mentioning us! 🙂 It's been great working with you for the past few years. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve upon our service our our website at anytime – feel free to contact either Debby of myself via AIM any time at MKTLVGDEBORAH -or- PPMERICK . Thanks again, Zac! – Erick

  4. I like to stick to one affiliate network for one online business. I've been using CJ and although I hate it, I have to admit I trust CJ

    1. I have to say, GradeMoney, that I am kind of like you.

      I use Linkshare for certain of my affiliate programs ( dating stuff: Match, Chemistry eic) and I use CJ for some other programs.

      Between these two, I usually can find some type of affiliate offer to integrate with my posts.

      Zac – you should do a post on which networks are Peformance-Based and which are Impression Based etc. I often see the names like NeverBlue, Pepperjam etc. but are these CPM – type networks, are they alternatives to Adsense, are they like Azoogle? How about some more explanation of WHAT type they are and why YOU choose them?

  5. yea I am part of so many and I just go through a lot of them to find great offers. I tend to usually stay to my top 3 ones which I have great relationships with and are not hungry to make their commission or cut. I do not like being pushed to hurry up and prmote – I have my own work pace!

  6. Hi Zac, i'm going to start with affiliate marketing, I'm waiting for neverblueads to phone me, and I started my first English blog, but it's a bit empty, my spanish blog has more traffic.

    Is difficult to be accepted by neverblueads as affiliate member?

    Regards 🙂

    1. Congrats. If you applied through this blog you'll probably be accepted soon enough. I've sent them a decent amount of affiliates, so they know what type to expect.

  7. For my previous time premium rates and offers are more interesting now. I think it depends of experience thirst of all. When you are working hard for a long time and you are like a fish in water with these networks- here already you can choose thinking about relationships. But when you don't have any of them – what for to think about it?))

  8. Hi Zac, finally after the phone call neverblueads accepted my application 🙂 there is a lot of work to do, I have to add more content to my English blog and learn a little more of affiliate tactics, but I think it will be very interesting. Wish me luck! Regards 🙂

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