What’s All the Drama with ClickBooth?

Written by Zac Johnson
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Since posting a review on ClickBooth the other day, a new wave of drama has ensued around the company and their reputation. After writing the review and responding to several comments, I did some additional searching on the company and what others are saying in the industry. Here is just a few of what is being said about ClickBooth, from both angles, whether it be a blog post, network review or talk among affiliates and markets in web site forums.

– Is ClickBooth Destroying their Business?
Apparently someone decided to make a video on the ClickBooth drama despute between ClickBooth and their affiliates. The creator of the video talks about how there are blogs and discussions on how ClickBooth has not paid a number of affiliates. He then goes on to talk about why this is untrue and goes into some detail on how ClickBooth business works, along with their compliance department.

– Clickbooth Setting the Pace for Affiliate Marketing Companies
Neil Patel, a very well known and successful affiliate marketer, wrote about how the recent drama around ClickBooth has given them a bad reputation, but still recommends the company as reputable. A quick post, but still on topic.

– ClickBooth – The Best Affiliate Network Ever
While this page looks more like a lens/content mess for search engine traffic and lead generation, it does provide several outside links to other resources about ClickBooth and their marketing/business practices.

– How ClickBooth is Destroying their Business
SlightlyShadySEO has been doing his own writing on his thoughts and experiences with ClickBooth. After his original posting, he follows up with a response update from ClickBooth.

– ClickBooth is Suing Me & WickedFire – LOL
Website forum WickedFire was recently sent a C&D for their comments and actions towards ClickBooth.

– Affiliate Scout ClickBooth Review
A decent sized affiliate review site, which provides generic information about affiliate programs and networks. Average visitor rating for ClickBooth 2.15/5, average review 5/5.

– Various Forum Posts
You can visit both ABestWeb and DigitalPoint for several threads and posts on ClickBooth. I was attempting to list them, but there are many and varied in both directions. Multiple posts have interaction with both affiliates and ClickBooth staff.

My review on ClickBooth and their network was written without being an active affiliate of the company, though I’ve had an account with them for some time. I based my review on their network setup, offers available, cpa payments and comparison to other affiliate networks. I also have campaigns actively running through ClickBooth. I will keep the review updated as more information and payment follows.

The sites and forums listed above are just a few samples of the various posts and discussions on “ClickBooth”. Do a simple Google search and see for yourself. This is becoming a very heated topic and once the dust settles, I hope everything will be cleared up. This situation is so in the open now, it’s up to the company and their affiliates to prove their legitimacy, and prove the doubters wrong. As with all affiliate programs and networks, do your due diligence and spread the word, good or bad.

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74 Replies to “What’s All the Drama with ClickBooth?”

  1. Hey Zac,

    Great Add.

    I have done a lot of research myself as well including audits of the individuals in question and an overall non-biased review. The Wickedfire side simply just doesn't add up.

    They have no backing for any of the claims they pose.

    I know many many friends that have all been paid on time with Clickbooth for a long time.

    Its ashame there are guys out there attacking the good companies in the space trying to prey on peoples fears.


    1. I have talked to people who would very much disagree with you. I'm going to try and coax one or two out into the open.

      1. Coax them out of the woodwork??? Your a moron.

        You people make me sick. If any, even one affiliate ever was actually screwed they would be the ones manning this charge not some schmucks from some dying forum. Not only that these affiliates would want to come out of the woodwork because they know they have violated laws.

        Every idiot knows it wouldn't be in any affiliate networks best interest to not pay an affiliate. If a network doesn't pay an affiliate they lose their lifeline. Thats why these allegations are so ridiculous. They are simply created to create doubt and cause harm to the company. The only reason a network would not pay someone is because they don't want that affiliates traffic anymore. Think about that statement now – why would a network not want someones traffic since thats the only way they get paid. The only time that would happen is if the traffic was junk/fraud/non compliant.

        Clickbooth is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. I am sure they got there by selectively not paying people (sarcasm).

        James (a continued loyal Clickbooth Affiliate)

        1. Why in the world would any normal person who DIDN"T WORK FOR CLICKBOOTH get so upset over this issue… Umm yeah they wouldn't, period. So yes something smells fishy with some of these ClickBooth supporters who are sooo angry over this debate. I can see the guys who weren't paid being angry for sure, but another affiliate who uses or doesn't use clickbooth and either way hasn't had a problem is so emotional about the issue? yeah right… I have seen fake blogs popping up that surely have been created by CB themselves and there is little doubt in my mind that many of these blog comments are also the work of CB employees… Sad.

          1. Wayne,

            You poor guy I totally understand your frustration. Before I worked with Clickbooth I didn't feel too loyal towards an affiliate network. Now I do. Hmm I wonder why???

            I guess youll never know and youll be stuck in your little fraud world. I'ts like how people felt about mp3 players before they used the ipod.

            Good luck with that.


  2. Zac,

    I was speaking to my account manager about all this. Me and a lot of other Clickbooth affiliates are extremely upset at the fact that these Wickedfire guys are out there defaming our network, and we all see Wickedfire as a dying forum trying to get its last bit of attention through lies.

    As with many other publishers on Clickbooth I have chosen to go exclusive with them because of how great my experiences were and now some punks want to go around and pass lies just to create doubt. Come on.

    The Affiliate manager (Dean) said that one of his other guys came up with a good idea and they are willing to do it…that if any affiliate (even one single affiliate) at all can prove that even one single lead was ever taken away without being blatant and proveable fraud to contact Clickbooth (dean@clickbooth.com) and they would pay out double the leads that were removed.

    The guys that are passing this crap around are all spammers and scammers..this is what happens when an honest company like Clickbooth comes into the space and tries to clean it up of guys like that.

    (( Paul ))

    1. Great concept Paul. I am also a long time affiliate and sick of these Wickedfire guys.

      They try this crap all the time – arent these the same guys that tried to attack all of the super affiliates via a similiar smear campaign and CJ.com too?

      They have lost all credibility in my eyes through this. Sad thing was I used to use their forum.


      Bust it

      1. I am also tired of wickedfire members, all I see is this crap being posted that makes no sense at all, just allegations and nothing else. I would like to see wickedfire loose the lawsuit and finally the webmaster forum community will be much cleaner :D.

    2. But, at the same time you are doing what you accuse Wickedfire of. How do you know those members are lying? Then you blame them for giving bad traffic and that is why they did not get paid.

      In most cases its not attempts to defame a company, its people simply shocked and pissed that they are not getting the money that in many cases is deserved.

      Just because you have good experiences with CB doesn't mean that they have never scammed people. It just means you weren't one of those people. Have an open mind here.

      1. Kara read above.

        Why would an affiliate network not pay its lifeline???? And explain how Clickbooth could be one of the largest networks in the world by randomly not paying people – thats simply ridiculous.

        I have visited Clickbooth's offices in Sarasota, Florida and the 100+ people they have working there.

        I am a large affiliate – $50k+ a month. I am now on a personal mission to let everyone know about the dishonesty of Wickedfire (oh wait everyone already knows that). Remember its in these assholes best interest to create controversy, its not in Clickbooth's.

        Its my experience companies are either honest or dishonest and I am sorry but dishonest companies dont pay on-time everytime to 99% of their affiliates then suddenly just not pay that 1% for no reason whatsoever.

        Also, any one of these mysterious affiliates could simply go after Clickbooth legally and win – one court case won against Clickbooth and their rep would be gone forever. Again reiterating why as a network they always will pay.

        You guys are trying to defame an honest company and you know it and I hope Clickbooth sues you guys for passing these lies around.


    3. Well, if this contest is indeed legitimate, place some reference to it somewhere on the clickbooth site(even if it's not linked to from anywhere). Just something to convince me this is legit. And I'll see who I can coax into the open.

  3. I would be interested in finding out who the first commenter's really are. I am guessing they are the same person because they sound to similar. I unfortunately also think it is someone from clickbooth. this is not good.

    1. Fred who are you? I will meet you in person if you want to meet me. I know some of those guys from the first posts. They are fellow and very loyal Clickbooth affiliates. If you want to meet us all we are more than willing to.

  4. My review on ClickBooth and their network was written without being an active affiliate of the company

    Nuff said… Shouldn't you actually have some experience with a company before you recommend them?

    1. I didn't make a hit and run post… I'm not going anywhere, and will update on my progress and experience with the company while I use them.

  5. Wickedfire has done this to many companies and has had many sheep a long the way to do jon's bidding.

    Nickycakes and the shadyseo are the newest wickedfire sheep. Jon has been using people ever since wickedfire started just look back at the whole drama from 2 years ago with Chris. Jon has the same MO. call out people. Use other people to post tons of stuff to make it seem bigger then it is. Then have peace and sell out your sheep.

    Nicky sheep is the most pathetic I have ever seen. Post some real stats dumbass.

  6. I love this quote from the Click Booth Review comments:

    "these wicked fire guys are sheep and don't even know it." [applause]

    Regarding this "NickyCakes" character, he proved himself to be a liar while attempting to attack Paul of UberAffiliate. He made claim of doing $200K/month volume (like Paul) yet someone found a February 08 post on Nicky's blog where he admits to hitting $10K for the first time. The guy is a clear liar and should be ignored.

    For some reason, there are wicked fire guys who enjoy dumping on successful affiliates by going into their blogs and throwing crap in the comments. The worst of the bunch actually have the wicked fire logo as their own! (again, sheep.) Notice how the wf lemmings will freely dump on others while defending their god, jon, to the bitter end?

    Zac, keep up the good work. I look forward to reading about your experience with CB in the future.

    Continued success!

    1. The 10k post was facetious. Sorry if the joke flew over your head. I make more in a month than most people make in a year. I just won't be one of those shoemoney d-bags that holds up a check for all the digitalpoint fans. Keep trying though, it's cute.

      1. Ooohhhh, Mr. "Keep it real" is now being facetious? …Yeah, right. Dude, you are so full of crap and clearly you were serious in that post. Again, you dump on those who prove what they make yet all you do is make empty claims. You can't hold up a $200K check because you just hit $10K.

        1. Spending a lot of time analyzing someone else's blog archives to find out how much they are earning? Maybe you should spend that time on your own campaigns instead of throwing mud at someone who has a different position than you.

          1. If you read my original post, I clearly stated I found that over at UberAffiliate.com. Someone else posted the link to his blog in that discussion proving he was lying about how much he makes. Bottom line, the dude is a liar and has the nerve to dump on others.

          2. We are Clickbooth affiliates we dont have to work as hard as you dumbasses because of the exclusive campaigns and strategies they bring us. I make more in a day then you make in a year and here I am calling these guys out.

            Why you ask? Because the truth needs to be known among the people that havent found Clickbooth yet about how great they are.


          3. "exclusive campaigns and strategies" clickbooth has for you huh? Yet you are all fired up and dying to same their reputation so everyone and there mother can compete with you on those exclusive campaigns… umm yeah that really ads up…

        2. You are hating on someone who "just hit $10k"? Even if Nickycakes only makes $10k that is in a month. Not too bad if you ask me? I wouldn't mind making that in a month. Where is your 200k check?

      2. No, you'll be one of those d-bags who tricks 13-year old girls into believing the ringtone she's about to download is free or "bonus." What the fuck difference does it make how you turn profit online? (as long as it's legal) Stop being another Jon-hack.

  7. I wrote something a couple weeks ago about the whole Wickedfire/Clickbooth drama. A few days later, I got an email from Clickbooth's PR department suggesting that I take my article down or face possible legal action. Makes you wonder why they want to silence their critics so much.

    1. hmm Geoff only reason I could assume is to stop the lies of a couple individuals from propagating. If the allegations had any truth they wouldn't be C and Ding you. Bro Maybe you should sit back and think about what your a part of.

      1. Do you think I would have written about it with only a couple of sources? I found complaints on Wickedfire, Digital Point, and a handful of blogs unaffiliated with either forum.

        One source complaining = fishy. Multiple sources = troubling.

        1. You may have found this information on a couple of different sources but did you consider that it might be the same people with different stories and usernames just trying to bash a company that thousands of other affaliates are NOT complaining about? think about it.

          1. I considered that. I also considered that Wickedfire has a pretty strict policy on establishing multiple accounts, and there were a lot of people complaining on WF.

            Then there were the people complaining on DP. Their…lacking grasp of the English language leads me to believe that they are not the same people complaining on Wickedfire.

            Of course, you could be right. It definitely could be two or three people going around creating dozens of user accounts, not to mention well established blogs, complaining about a company that tends to threaten its critics with legal action. That's totally feasible.

          2. HAHA on DP its the same as the people on Wickedfire – the same people that are commenting here and none of them have actually had an experience themselves they all have friend of friends that have. Also Wickedfire bans anyone that talks pro Clickbooth and most of the sheep on that forum talk shit without ever actually using the network.

            Wickedfire has a strict policy? Really?

            Youve obviously never used the forum if you can make a statement like that..warez, porn, scams, and spams are all day to day posts – usually from administrators of the forum.

            Yes its 3 people – the same people on here. If you dont see that I have a brooklyn bridge for you for $1.


          3. Geoff ur point well taken. When I first read at wickedfire I had my share of doubt. I gave clickbooth benefit of doubt. But now seems like they are after everyone who says Clickbooth is bad. This type of dictatorial attitude shows that something is indeed fishy with them.

  8. I don't know who is right or wrong between wickedfire and clickbooth nor do I give a rats ass. However, some of you are missing the bigpicture here. This whole thing didn't start with Jon or anyone who runs wickedfire but rather with a bunch of affiliates who have been on there for a long time who all started missing payments from ClickBooth so they started bitching about it on the forum of choice in this industry. It wasn't one or two affilaites either, it was many many people all saying the same thing about ClickBooth, I don't know about you but when I smell smoke I am pretty sure there is a fire somewhere. It is also funny how they are the only network I have come across that had so many different affiliates all saying they weren't paid around the same time frame.

    I personally wouldn't trust ClickBooth and won't ever use them. I don't like that they posted an affiliates stats on a forum or that they are shooting out cease and desist letters to anyone who even talks about this nonsense. There there are the new "fake" blogs dedicated to appreciation for clickbooth like this one Fake ClickBooth Appreciation Blog that are popping up all the sudden. It's so pathetically obvious it hurts.

    1. HAHA obvious wickedfire spam post. Again trying to create doubt.

      I read the post – they did the right thing. The wickedfire affiliate was upset that they didnt pay him so they responded on the forum letting him know the reason he got shutdown was because he was spamming craigslist. Again Clickbooth doing the right thing and choosing to not make money off of spam. That shows the true character and honesty of a company. This whole mess as per your message and Wickedfire was created because Clickbooth did the right thing. The moderator was upset because he thought craigslist was a good traffic source and couldn't comprehend a network not wanting craigslist spam traffic…hmm.

      Nice blog link – Im going to signup! Im a fellow Clickbooth publisher and I am thinking of creating a blog myself..you will probably call mine a fake too.


      1. Seeing it's pretty obvious you either work for clickbooth or they give you free money and you are just so upset that anyone would badmouth them because then you stop getting your free money for them, umm yeah I would def think a blog you created would be just as fake as the one I found.

        Try reading my post again, I said multiple (as in many more than one) affiliates all complained about fraud around the same time. Not all on wickedfire either, on digital point, and other places. It's so obvious they were up to something and I bet they are regretting it big time now but it's pretty much too late. Well I guess they can keep going around begging (and paying) bloggers like Zac to write good things about them and then their employees can be the first few guys to quickly post positive things and hope that no one has the brain to scroll down. Too bad most affiliates are pretty smart and can see right through this nonsense, I have lose more respect for the company from all these fake blogs, fake comments, and paid posts than I ever did from simply hearing they didn't pay some of their affiliates….

      2. Indeed it is very surprising that Clickooth got so many loyalist. As someone mentioned earlier it is understood if few people who got shafted by clickbooth ranting here and there. But seeing so many loyalist protesting even subtle most comment against clickbooth make you wander that may be something indeed is fishy with CB.

        1. or mabe its obvious that clickbooth publishers read blogs like zacjohnson and they spot that people like wickedfire members are badmouthing the company that works perfectly for us (clickbooth publishers), So It gets me pissed off to see these guys hating on a company that helped me make money through affiliate marketing.

  9. Clickbooth is not as good as before. I have joined them and promote the compaigns for years.

  10. The problem I see here is that those affiliates who have been paid just assume that Clickbooth is a good company, because they are getting paid. However they aren’t looking at the bigger picture which shows that clickbooth hasn’t paid numerous affiliates. Just because you are getting paid, doesn’t instantly mean that the company paying you is legit.

    Also, the review can never be objective because clickbooth will always pay someone who reviews them publicly, it’s not difficult to see that.

    People are blaming wickedfire for “wrecking a good company” but the fact is that there are a number of people on wickedfire making a lot of money and when they don’t get paid they probably lost a large amount. So the criticism is going to be very tough on wickedfire where people are losing $10k, and not quite so bad on Digitalpoint where people have lost a couple of hundred…

    1. They're clickbooth employees, Monty. It's pretty obvious that they're spending a lot of money to shut people up about this issue (see: blog c&d's, wickedfire lawsuit, fake clickbooth blogs and wiki articles to spam the search engines, etc), so it follows that they'd spend a little time on this blog making bogus comments in their favor.

    1. Your missing out bro. I am a Clickbooth publisher and they absolutely blow away the other networks. I'm reading this and I understand why some of these Clickbooth publishers are so pissed because of how loyal we are to Clickbooth because of all they do for us.


      1. It's funny I have been reading everything on affiliate marketing for a while now and never before were there all these affiliates who were so in love with clickbooth. They were an average network and nowhere near the top few known ones in the industry but now all the sudden they have so many supporters who claim they are the best they have ever used etc, funny I never heard these guys or anyone talk so highly of clickbooth before.

        1. thats because we are a very close club of affiliates – and noone has ever posted a bunch of blatant lies systematically till now. Maaaan you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel with comebacks like this. Now your pointing out the fact that we are here as affiliates to defend ourselves when someone attacks us – what do you want us to lay over? Not going to happen. Ever.

          Theirs a lot of us and you guys are about to open the floodgates if you keep trying to post lies. Most of us have already chosen CB as our exclusive network so you mess with CB you mess with us and our income.


  11. i don't earn as much as most of you guys here make in a month. I am not a super affiliate either. I am a newbie in this business. But i just want to tell everyone that I got paid by clickbooth already.. not a big amount but the thing is they paid me. that was all i need to continue with their program.

    1. lady – appreciate the post – I know a lot of our other fellow Clickbooth fans and honest affiliates are a bit afraid to chime in. They will always pay you, this would be like a bank not paying out a deposit and everyone knows it thats why its so apparent this is just a shitty smear campaign 🙂 – as long as you dont do the things these professional affiliate scam artists such as Nicky post publicly (imagine what they do privately) on their blogs youll be fine.


      1. or you are so full of shit you don't know were to start. How many people do you think believe you are making 6 figures a month when your blog says you just past 10k? oh that is right it was sarcasm or whatever – nickycakes let me be the first to tell you this – nobody believes you!

          1. lol, I know you care because you run your mouth about it all the time. If you did not care you would not have the blog you do, you would run around talking BS all day.

            Oh, and you have no idea what is in my bank account because I don't think it is any of your business, thus I don't have a blog talking about what I make.

          2. hehe exactly good point Fred.

            Most of us Clickbooth fanatics don't have to run around because we make enough money from them where we don't have to waste time talking about how to spam wikipedia or how to defraud customers.


  12. I think overall that Clickbooth is a solid network. I've been working w/them both as a publisher and an advertiser for 2 years. However, I will say that there are some negative sides to them. I believe they may stretch the truth about their revenue and employee's. They claim to payout over $16mi/mo. That is a pretty large number and I do not see them doing that strictly from their network. Additionally, they claim to have over 100 employee's. I have worked for one of the largest networks for 8+ years and there is no need for 100+ people if you only operate a network. Especially one that utilizes DirectTrack.

    All in all, their solid, but there are some holes in their story.

  13. I'll strait out admit that I don't use Clickbooth.

    I'm also going to admit, that among about 2 dozen other forums, WickedFire is one I frequent, along with Digital Point, DomainState, WarezInfo, DNF, etc etc etc

    I'm pointing this out so that you can see I don't have a particular ax to grand as this is –not– my game.

    Why? I'm a data forensics guy, and many of these forums make it exceedingly easy to track down the people I'm after.

    However, I have taken an interest in this simply because it's gotten so large.

    Some research over the last 2 weeks, which has actually coincided with my actual job anyway, has brought up time and again some REALLY negative things about Clickbooth.

    Now, they're not they only ones with problems. i.e. ClickBank has a really major flaw in its link system allowing people with a decent knowledge of viral coding to steal hoplinks. It's just that ClickBooth has done a REALLY shitty job of PR management, and it's come back to bite them in the arse.

    Sure 99% of you are getting paid, and you're happy with that. I understand why you're loyal. I'd be loyal to the people giving me heaps of money when there was a small, yet vocal, minority decrying them.

    But You do need to look at the big picture.

    If you're only concerned about yourself, it'll come and bite YOU in the arse eventually.

    We have a nice way of turning a blind eye to things if it doesn't affect us directly, and then we're so totally surprised when it finally does, because the gravy train has eventually got to stop.

    It's like all those people that borrowed money at rates that were too good to be true, and are now demanding a bail out. The warning signs were there, but people were just not paying any attention to them because they were still on the gravey train, heading for big-platter-o-meatville.

    1. and are you publisher yourself? if yes who do you use?

      I bet you they do not allow the kinds of things that these users who are complaining about clickbooth were doing. Most companies like google(with adsense) are trying to cut down on these kind of publishers who click their own ads, or in our case fill out their own forms, or post on craigslist etc. That is why you are seeing all this negativity from these networks, I remember in the past companies like cpa empire allowed this type of marketing, but great companies like clickbooth do not. You people should read the guidelines before registering.

  14. lol Zac, It will be interesting to post IP address of all posters in this thread to clear doubt about the identities of posters. Or may be you do a bit research and post a summary if you see smell something fishy.

    1. it would, to see how many people are the same user from wickedfire who is bad mouthing on clickbooth. Once i reach a high payout with clickbooth i will make a blog and show the truth, so far im up to 2k/month, i will keep you guys posted!.

  15. At first I had some trouble with CB but with some help with their people, I got paid and been getting paid. I trust them , if you want to make money and on your own time use CB

    1. What source of traffic did you receive that they paid you on time and all, because all I see is people complaining about not getting paid, I used ppc and I got paid right on time and did not get terminated. I only wish all of you wickedfire members would let us know what source of traffic you used, prolly all craigslist ads…

  16. My sister has been promoting ClickBooth for a year doing it part time. To date she has made around $500 but still haven't been paid. She have contacted them several times and was promised that the check would be issued soon. That was early this year and no payment is in sight still.

  17. Completely agree with this: "there are blogs and discussions on how ClickBooth has not paid a number of affiliates."

    Of all the 60 affiliate networks we have accounts with, Clickbooth has repeatedly demonstrated the worst customer service by far, with the majority of enquiries never get a response. I am just shocked at how badly Clickbooth treat their publishers.

    I am not in the habit of saying negative things about affiliate networks, but we have been in affiliate marketing for 13 years and not a single network has ever treated us so badly. Not one.

    I have been waiting for payment from Clickbooth for one and a half years now. I eventually managed to get through to one guy with a fancy job title at Clickbooth who said he'd reply "asap" and he hasn't done so. When I've emailed to ask what is going on, I did not get a reply.

    Clickbooth censor their Facebook pages etc. of any feedback which does not hype them up.

  18. I am an advertiser, talked to someone named Natalie, for over a month. She apparantly disappeared, then the boss Alexis Morreland, for a few times, then he disappeared also. Have called, many times, no pick up, have left numerous mesages, no return. Calls to the company and ad department are met with automated responses the last 60 days……………………….

    Its hard to believe such a large company as they claim, has no one to answer phones or return calls.

  19. Click booth is a total scam. They basically copied the ad format of companies like Industry brains, Google and Adblade but their advertisers are belly fat, acai berry, teeth whitening, work from home, continuity, biz ops, rebill, scam scam scam. They are also a very small network..why do you think that no large premium publishers work with them? Who would you work with?

    Adblade – 203.3 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/p-b8GPCpJxfqYm2
    Google – 156.1 million monthly unique – https://www.quantcast.com/google.com
    Meebo – 136.8 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/p-93vmRJG_BQlqo
    Vibrant media – 136.1 million monthly uniques – Comscore Oct 2011
    Undertone – 125.2 million monthly unique – Comscore Oct 2011
    Ask Network – 90 million monthly unique – Comscore Oct 2011
    Kontera – 75.5 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/kontera.com
    Click Booth – 43 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/clickbooth.com
    Pulse 360 – 39.6 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/pulse360.com
    Myspace – 14.8 million monthly uniques – https://www.quantcast.com/myspace.com

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