What’s on Your iPhone?

Yes, I know… I’m late to the party, but it’s still better to be late than never, but I finally changed over to AT&T and got an iPhone. I gladly would have left Verizon a long time ago, but I had well nearly 2 years on my contract. If you don’t already have an iPhone… every time Apple has one of their commercials playing, it makes you want one event more. On top of that, I already have and love my 16GB iPod Touch, which is basically the same thing as an iPhone, but not a phone!

I was doing some research online to see if I could find anything on how to get out of my existing contract with Verizon, and if it’s even been seen that ATT&T would credit or pay off your existing contract. Looked all over, and never found any good success stories. So I decided to give it a shot and headed over to my local AT&T store and asked if they could do anything. Luckily, their head business accounts manager was in, and he was able to credit my account for all early termination fees I would then have to deal with from Verizon. I would still get hit with the termination fees from Verizon, but AT&T would credit my monthly plans til it made up the difference. He was only able to do this because I was an established business, and said it couldn’t have been done if it was a personal account.

On that note, the iPhone is just great and makes internet life a million times better than with the Voyager I was using over at Verizon. Earlier I was thinking over upgrading to the Blackberry Storm… but always wanted the iPhone and it worked out in the end.

Now that I have the iPhone and not just the iPod Touch, I can take advantage of all applications available through iTunes. I thought I would share a few of my favorite apps, and also get a few of yours as well.

I was able to access Twitter on my Voyager, but it was slow as anything and a crappy text based version. Twitteriffic loads fast, shows full images, and it’s just like being on a Mac or PC. (I’m now using Tweetie instead of Twitterrific)

E*Trade Mobile Pro
I’ve been trading stocks for over a decade now and I’ve always been using E*Trade, among a few other sites. I know the iPhone is already loaded with a Stock app, but you can actually trade through this app and look over your real portfolio.

This is just an awesome game. When I used to play Warcraft 3, I would play the tower defense games through Battle.net. This game is made up of the same concept, but very addictive and fun.

NBA Game Time
I can’t get enough of the NBA, and now I’ll be getting even more with this new application I just picked up today. NBA GameTime has live streaming scores and playoff bracket updates.  With a few clicks, check scores, schedules and full standings.

I beleive AzoogleAds was the first network to come out with their own app for the iPhone. Not only is it great to be able to login to your stats and see how much you’ve made… but it should pave the way for more affiliate networks to do the same. Who’s next?

Those were just a few of the apps on my iPhone… what’s on yours?

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  1. Congrats, dude! I've been wanting one forever, but my plan on Sprint can't be beat so I haven't made the switch yet. Enjoy!

    <abbr>Jeremy’s last blog post..What Does It Cost To Advertise On KSL.Com?</abbr>

  2. First of Congrats for changing to AT&T – All of the features provided this service is very good & one will actually love using I-phone which has wide variety of features. There are many other features available which you can check out on their website.

    <abbr>Ricky Peterson’s last blog post..Tips for Curing Blogger’s Block</abbr>

  3. I switched from Twitteriffic to Tweetie. For a few dollars you get to view older tweets, replies, directs, favorites, and have multiple accounts.

    When I went to San Francisco for ad:tech, I downloaded iBART, a perfect app to find which train to take and check the schedule and map.

    And of course I have Daily Deals, iClassifieds, and Classifieds Pro since we developed those!

  4. WordPress, reQall, craigsphone, fast contacts are all very handy

    Cant go wrong with sportacular either.

    <abbr>Star Wars Blog’s last blog post..AT-AT Walker X-Ray Picture</abbr>

  5. First purchase should be Appsniper…

    I use CC Terminal to take credit cards through authorize.net and my iphone…

    Overnight if you're a big package shipper or receiver…

    My Eyes Only to protect important stuff…


    I jailbroke mine, mainly so I could use my iphone as a modem, and make the iphone look better… If you jailbreak check out iphonemodem, backgrounder, and iphone video recorder. Many others as well…

    If jailbreaking gives you problems just factory restore, but we have not had problems…

  6. Bank Of America has an awesome iPhone app for Banking

    gotta have iFart for those funny moments

    WordPress App – We are bloggers …

    Remember The Milk – Online Task Management

    <abbr>Darin Carter’s last blog post..A Must for your RSS Reader</abbr>

  7. I was planning on getting an iPhone until two days ago when they pulled that shaking baby app from their stores because a few clowns cried. Obviously I'm not supporting shaking babies in real life, but this was a cartoon app.

    I will stick with my BB Bold. It has all the tools i need.

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..Cool Housing Market Video</abbr>

  8. I do agree the iphone is the best phone ever made. a lot of companies try and out do the iphone but its a very hard task because apple keeps putting out updates and all the apps it provides its just crazy, great post!

  9. Uniwar is awesome! Fieldrunners is now #2 to Uniwar…I also play iMafia. WordPress app is good for on the go pic posting.

    <abbr>Alexander Dombroff’s last blog post..Fieldrunners highest level!</abbr>

  10. Zac, I just got my iPhone about 2 months ago and LOVE it. I used to use Twitterfic, but use Tweetie for Twitter instead. Tweetie allows you to use multiple accounts and the interface is much better.

    Pandora is probably my favorite app. Nothing like a customizable, commercial-free radio station in your pocket. You can get this on your PC and Blackberry too.

    Mobile News is another goodie. A quick overview of the latest headlines in sports, news, celebs, etc.

    <abbr>Lisa Irby’s last blog post..Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated?</abbr>

  11. A couple i have found useful are Shazam; if you hear a song on the radio but aren't sure of the title or who sings it, Shazam allows you to put your phone up to your radio and it finds the song for you.

    Also liking the google app – especially the Google Speak app – simply talk into your phone what you are searching for and Google Talk finds it. pretty sweet.

    For fun – try BugSquash – a game that does just what it the title says..

  12. It's all about SHAZAM if you are into music on any level whatsoever. Open up the program, click the screen, hold your iPhone up to any speaker where you hear a song playing (including in an open room or store), and 60 seconds later, the program tells you exactly the name of the artist, name of the song, and more. Add it to a playlist, watch a video, buy the song on iTunes.

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  13. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-108154" rel="nofollow">@Crazy Oldie:

    I'm surprised that app even got onto the network. I hear it's massively hard to get a really good app approved. Too bad for the guys who made it, all of the media attention was after it was removed, otherwise they would have cashed in.

  14. Oooh I'm jealous! I may have to pull that card- though I heard AT&T service isn't that great- let me know. Coincidentally, I just got a text from Verizon offering an upgrade if I renew my contract…what to do?!

  15. Grr..can't wait to get mine, but I'm so looking forward to them releasing one without a contract..

    <abbr>Melody’s last blog post..My Ideal Unconventional Home(s)</abbr>

  16. Tap Defense is way better than Fieldrunners and Tweetie is way better than Twitterific. Snaptell is a cool app that lets you snap a pic of a product (i.e. book, CD) and then tells you where you can buy it and the prices. NightCamera is great if you like to take pictures when the lighting is less than ideal. Shazam is good for figuring out the name of song when you hear it on the radio.

  17. A worker at the Apple Store recently told me that you can use the iPhone Touch as a phone with Skype when connected to a wireless network. I'm not sure how well it works, but it seems like a really cool idea. Those who don't have money for an iPhone can make calls while in a wireless internet area (such as at home, on campus, or at work).

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  18. The worker at the Apple Store also told me that the next software release for the iPod Touch, which is due out this summer, will enable the iPod Touch to use blue-tooth, a function that is currently dormant in the iPod Touch. This means that you can use an Apple blue-tooth headset (including microphone) to make calls with Skype on an iPod Touch.

  19. if i had a brand new never opened iphone that i bought without a contract and it says no sim installed can i put in an old cingular sim card that used to be activated but now isnt will i be able to get to the iphone home screen and be able to use the ipod and wifi but not the phone function

  20. Congrats on switching to the greatest phone ever made… there are so many cool apps- AIM, FaceBook, USA Today, Loopt (one of my personal favs; you can track where your friends are at all times, as well as see who is in your area) and CBS Sports are must haves.

  21. You are not late at all… I am sure theres tons out there lol, anyhow…. after my 2 year contract expires with the current at&t phone I have, I will definitely be getting an iPhone. And it will be great timing too especially with the newer version 3 =D

  22. The iPhone sure is an aspirational piece of gear, and your rock solid endorsement doesn't hurt either! Mobile is where the main future growth in the internet is forecast, and we can expect the offerings to just get better and better!

  23. I love how you can play driving games by just tilting the screen. So Sweet!

  24. Anybody figure out exactly what the drumset game is called? It appears to be the screen in the very back of the advertisements where there are four iPhones stacked on each other and fanned out like cards. I'd love to know… Especially after seeing my friend play the recorder on his iPhone by blowing into the adapter end. Ridiculous.

    <abbr>Matty Byloos’s last blog post..Artslant May Showcase Winner</abbr>

  25. I am going to have to try that. I bet I would be able to get the same deal to get out of my Verizon account… On my itouch I have Pandora's box which when any band or singer is typed in you get an instant play list ready to go. Great for the iphone when ipod is out of reach 🙂

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  26. Ahhh come on Zac, you're an iPhone follower too!!! 🙁 Try the other more powerful Smartphones and you will REALLY know what you are missing. Especially if you get a Windows Smartphone, which is basically a small laptop in your hands.


  27. There is nothing on my iPhone because I don't have one ;-(

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  28. I love the iPhone. I never realized that whole companies were dedicated to making apps for it though

    until I saw this interview https://jacehall.tv check it out it's after the interview with Cyprus Hill.

  29. I love the iPhone. I never realized that whole companies were dedicated to making apps for it though until I saw this interview https://jacehall.tv check it out it's after the interview with Cyprus Hill.

  30. I absolutely love my iPhone, i got it about a month ago, and my favorite app for the iPhone right now is the Pandora App 🙂

  31. Does anybody know the Lumsing power bank,it can charge almost every kind of phones.

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