What’s the Next Big Thing?

Written by Zac Johnson
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The funny thing about affiliate marketing is, you never really know that the next big thing is… but when it does hit, get ready! Here’s a list of the some best and most heavily promoted affiliate offers over the past few years. You can still promote these bad boys today to make some loot, or get ready for whatever is next!

The TRUE dating network is still one of the biggest money makers around in the dating space, but when they first started out it was even crazier. I remember seeing this offer on the networks paying $7+ per lead for free dating signups. This was simply due to the web site going live and needing to build up a massive database. If you are still promoting the offer today, think about how nice those extra few dollars per lead would have been.

Make Money Online / Gov. Grants
It was only a few years ago that companies and advertisers finally caught on about the power of FREE SHIPPING and FREE TRIALS. Whether it’s a home based business offer to teach you how to make money online, or a package promising you to glory of government grants… every network seems to be loaded up with low cost, free trial or free shipping offers that only require the user to submit a credit card, for you to get your massive $30+ commission. Good for you, usually bad for the consumer…  who will then get auto-billed if they don’t cancel or return their unwanted service/product.

Crush / SMS Cell Offers
Let’s not forget about social marketing and how to take advantage of it. We all love those annoying flashing banners that say “You have 1 message”. Sure, we as marketers aren’t stupid enough to click them.. but you know they are working, as they are still everyone. Instead of signing up for a web site, the new hot trend is for people to input their cell phone to get dating tips, celebrity gossip or even funny jokes on their phone, while getting billed $10-$20 a month. While the offers may be less advertised in the US now, they are super hot across all foreign advertising networks.

WuYi Weight Loss
The weight loss craze that started it all… and also one of the longest sales pages around, proving they work! When Wu-Yi first came out, commissions were in the high $20s to lower $30 range. Now with everyone in the world having promoted this offer, payments are all the way up to $40 per signup, just for a free trial! ($40 CPA offered at Convert2Media)

Acai Berry
After the WuYi / Green Tea craze… someone had the brilliant idea to add Acai Berry into the mix. With possibly even more promotion than WuYi Tea, Acai seems to be every where. Just search any of the main search engines for terms on “acai berry” or “weight loss” and you will see fake testimonial pages every where promoting these products.

All of these offers were super hot and converting like crazy when they first came out, and still are. The big question is… what’s next?

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23 Replies to “What’s the Next Big Thing?”

  1. i dont really think any of these are the "next big thing." these have already been out. i'm looking for the next "acai" or the next "becky's weight loss blog".

    thanks for the tips though.

  2. Shhhh, I was one of those consumers that took advantage of the True.com deal when they paid about $27 to the affiliates. I got paid around $18-25 on GPT sites and boy did I sign up over 20 times 😀 All of them were canceled right after I got the money, so I wonder how much they really lose on these things.

    Another thing is that Acai stuff seems to be so popular right now. Everyone should know what's the easiest way for weight loss, lol.


  3. The shame with acai berry is that it's been around for awhile and is really good for you, but now everyone's just jumped on the bandwagon.

    Hopefully there will be a surge for those of us who knew all along 😀

  4. The acai berry is really everywhere, and I have come across blogs that give such glowing tributes to it that I find it quite suspect and wonder if it isnt some kind of fake testimonial page like you said.

  5. Hehehe, it's funny to look at the pics associated with the 5 affiliate promotions and guess which one is most likely to be clicked on. Cowboy hat anyone?

  6. Dame I forgot about Crush. I have been working with another one an it has not been doing much at all. I will have to do some testing with Crush I think. What sucks is I have a campaign running right now that has a 22% CTR (50 CPC) based around the other offer. Its very targeted to the offer though so switching out th landing page link might not work to well I do thin think?

    Thanks dude.

  7. As for your whats next? question.

    It's gonna be high paying, and easy (as in its a free trial or something along those lines)

  8. I often think that if you watch Oprah, and just mimic what she does the next day, that would be a good way to get ahead of the curve. If she mentioned Acai Berries, then be the first to email your list "as seen on Oprah." Be cool if it could be done in hours of her show.

    1. You could be very right. A few weeks back she spoke about the Amazon Kindel, that would of been good to promote.

  9. As a young internet marketer I was always keeping an eye out for the next big thing. One day I realized it was doing nothing but holding me back and stopped. Something doesn't have to be the next big thing in order to have the potential for super profitability

  10. @jackie – You're right. Government Grants are over. Probably should stop the 10K+ payments to our grant pubs I guess.

  11. I'm rather new at affiliate marketing, I have had some success with both Acai and WuYi tea. I think the next big thing is going to be a new South American berry – maqui. It reportedly has a higher ORAC than acai and is about to be the subject of a major product launch by an MLM company (slightly different product based on maqui berries).

    There has been some buzz generated already, but this will (must) increase.

  12. those are great tips. This is the time to start on weight loss ads, those have done well for me in the past. 🙂

  13. these aff products just having a huge competition, just try a small niche if you

    trying to SEO something with a website or simpler on google content network

    maybe you strike gold…;)

  14. Man that WuYi tea thing is just huge. However I’m highly skeptical about its effects. Coming from a Chinese background myself, I have never heard that green tea from WuYi mountains had any weight reduction effects. Chinese people are generally thin because of genetics, not because of some secret tea.

  15. I guess I missed out on all of these goldmines. I will be ready for the next big thing you can bank on that.

    This is the problem with starting late. Now I have to Play catch up with you guys.

  16. Hi

    This is truly a number one super food of are modern times from the rain forests of Brazil where so many more new medicines are being discovered all the time.

    Acai berry and its many forms can only help our bodies to become healthier.


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