What’s Your Blogs Real Rank?

When you are advertising on a web site, the first thing you look at is probably their ad rates… but what determines these ad rates are most likley the site’s Google PR, the Alexa Ranking, Technorati Ranking and actual site visitors. But how reliable are all of these figures? Everyone knows that Alexa’s ranking can mean anything, and gives no information based on actual traffic or earnings of a site… so what can we do? Izea says they have the solution… "Google PR is unreliable. Alexa score is a hit or miss. So what’s an advertiser to do? Introducing IZEA RealRank, the first open and transparent blog-centric analytics tool."

Ted Murphy is the mastermind behind Izea’s New Real Ranking System

Izea’s "RealRank" just went live today. Besides that their site is running a bit slow, I’m liking what I see… but I don’t know how much of a following the idea will receive. When you signup for RealRank, you fill create an account, then have to place a line of code on your blog to confirm ownership of your blog. You are also given the option to select a category and upload an avatar.

Viewing the Top 100 list will give you a quick overview of some key stats, such as average daily page views and unique visitors. You also have the option to make the stats private, which is unfortunate for stats lurkers and ad buyers, but needed to bring in blog owners looking for privacy. Just with these stats alone I’m liking the network. It reminds me a bit of on WebSiteStory from years past, which would rank the web’s most popular sites and give traffic figures. Refer to the screenshot below of Michael Kwan’s blog, along with his traffic rankings and that he is currently #66 on the Top 100 RealRank list.

In addition to the Top 100 blogs lists and the stats shown above, Izea Ranks also comes with full comparison and search rankings for blogs. These fancy charts can be changes to show RealRank position, Pageviews or Unique Visitors to the site.

Since Izea Ranks just went live, there is still a lot more to the blog ranking network than I have mentioned or personally experienced. While I’d like to see RealRanks succeed and become the new standard for blog tracking, and take out Alexa and/or Google PR, it will be up to the blog owners to make the move and signup for the network, and use the service. So the big question is… will you use Izea’s new RealRank for your blog?

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  1. I think the biggest hurdle for IzeaRanks will be their association with PayPerPost. I, also think it has pretty great potential, but there are a lot of people out there that won't work with them because of PPP.

    Even so, it won't ever be as big as pagerank because it requires people to "opt in" to the program. Google just automatically uses all sites in it's index and figures it on that. There's always going to be some site that is missing from the izearanks to have it be accurate.

    That being said, we do need a good alternative to pagerank and izea ranks might be our best chance in recent times.

  2. What I keep hearing most about Real Rank is the fear in the 'sphere that it will end up being abused and manipulated like PR and Alexa. Like so many other things that seem to come up all of a sudden, I think I'm just going to sit back and take it easy for a while and see how things go with it.

    I DO hope that this can end the whole dependence on Alexa and PR thing though.

  3. I was checking that out last night, I might sign-up eventually. I would definitely do it before going after private advertisers though.

  4. While their idea does have potential, replacing PR and Alexa is out of the question at this point. Sure, if Yahoo! were to have launched something like this, why not, one could make such a statement but again, at this point IZEA's RealRank is simply an idea with great potential.

    Alan Johnson

  5. It's interesting, but I wouldn't really call it a challenge to Pagerank. Their formula is based almost entirely on traffic. While they do use inbound links for part of the equation, they only count "active" inbound links. If it hasn't been clicked recently (that day, I think, but maybe a little longer), it doesn't count.

    Plus, from what I've read on the PPP forums, it's really volatile. While Alexa is pretty easy to manipulate, it uses something like a three month average to calculate your score. I've read reports of Real Ranks fluctuating wildly from one day to the next. Maybe they have fixed that or will fix it, but it if can change substantially every day, it doesn't seem like a very reliable tool.

  6. Nevermind about the frequent fluctuation – I just noticed they've added the weekly average thing since I last checked it out. I still wouldn't use it in place of Pagerank (or just manually checking a site's backlinks), though.

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