Where I Get All of My Blog Images From

As a reader of the blog you will probably notice a recurring theme across the majority of my posts. Most of them implement high quality images that represent the content I write about. Images not only bring life to your content, but they also break up the text and make it much easier to read.

However, the images you use on your site may end up hurting you more than helping. Finding high quality images and having the “rights” to use images on your site is coming a bigger issue every day.

Let’s cover some of the most basic ways that people are using to find images for their web sites and blog.

  • Search Google Images and take whatever they want
  • Look through Flickr and provide link back to author
  • Use a royalty free image source for images

Of the three listed above, I prefer the third, which is to find royalty free / stock photos that I can use at no cost or purchase for a one time price.

I personally love to use depositphotos and have over 500 images in my collection.

My DepositPhotos Images

Using High Quality Stock Photos with Your SiteThese images usually cost between .80 to $1.00 each, but it allows me to have unlimited use of the images and I don’t need to worry about someone else claiming copyright and ownership over them. You can see an example of one of these images in use at the right. –>

Just because you find an image through Google Images or Flickr, it doesn’t mean that you can post these images to your site, or even be safe with just a link back to the image’s creator. Posting such content can actually get you in legal trouble.

With new content and posts going live every day, I try to make it a habit to always grow my collection of royalty free / stock photos images and use them on a daily basis.

Using depositphotos is quite easy.

  1. Visit their site and search for images
  2. Select the images you want to use
  3. Download the images (Fund your account)
  4. Access from your computer or dp member’s area at any given time.

You can see the type of results you would get if you were to search for “affiliate marketing” in the screenshot below.

Depositphotos Affiliate Marketing Images

For anyone who would like to use depositphotos on their site, but doesn’t like the idea of having to pay for images, you can take a look at their bloggers special program which will allow you to use their images on your site at no cost in exchange for a link back to their site.

Since depositphotos is also one of the most well known and branded sources for stock photo images, you can also earn money by promoting their services on your web site or blog through their affiliate program. This would be an effect way to write content on how you are using their images while also promoting their site and earning a commission in the process.

The next time you are looking for quality stock photo images for your site, be sure to consider the the option starting your own collection of images and not grabbing the first ones you see in Google search. It might cost you a few dollars right now, but it’s better than the potential issues you could run across down the road.

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  1. Hi Zac – I have heard a fair bit about deposit photos and I plan to join this bandwagon. To date I have been using shutterstock but it often becomes a struggle when you write about real specific topics to locate an appropriate image.
    Cheers for the advice,
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  2. Very informativ post, Zac!
    Yes most people use images from Google, but possibility that you mention – depositphotos.com- is very interesting.
    Thanks for the detailed and interesting description!
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  3. Great post! Many often forget of the legal implications of downloading and using a photograph on their site. All photographs are covered by copyright laws so one should be very careful when selecting what picture to use. Your site is really nice and you make good choices in selecting appropriate images.
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  4. I like the option of using photos for my blog that have no repercussion. There is less stress and I don't feel like a thief.

  5. good source for images indeed.. btw.. Zac.. what do you think about the new google images update? most of the people ignored it… and I don't understand why
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  6. Thanks Zac, I was using images from google but I'm finding out thats not a good thing to do. So thank you for sharing this with us. Still learning and this was very helpful.
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  7. Nice tip. I like using flicker and Google images. Though I always edit the image and custamize it to prevent any copyright infrignment, even its under creative common lisence.
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  8. Nice Post .this is helpful and useful for me to get blog images..!!!!! its a great source of images
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