Where was Mike Arrington During BlogWorld?

Written by Zac Johnson
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During the second day of BlogWorld, I was really looking forward to seeing Mike Arrington (TechCrunch), Om Malik and Leo LaPorte during their “Advanced Money Making Strategies” session. Unfortunately when I was in the room waiting for them to start, only Leo was there and instead of having the other two, he did a full session of an interview and Q&A with iJustine, who’s claim to fame is her popular video of her 300+ page AT&T iPhone bill.

Mike Arrington of TechCrunch was No Where to be Seen.

BlogWorld is over, which means everyone is back to work and blogging on what they thought of the event, it looks like the real story is quickly unraveling… but which story is the right story. Here are just a few blogs which are posting on the topic, be sure to check through the comments and other pingbacks, as this one is quickly heating up!

Om Malik & Arrington Blow Off BlogWorld-iJustine Fills In
A full write up and review on what really happened at the event, since two thirds of the listed panel did not show. Props to Leo for pulling something together.

CrunchNotes Responds
Mike Arrington responds to the posts and topic and says “I never agreed to attend the conference. I would really appreciate it if the organizers of Blogworld would post something clearing this up.”

With or without Mike Arrington, BlogWorld was still a success in my book. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. In the end, everyone will end up blogging this, but hopefully it doesn’t get blown out of proportion to the point where it effects anyone’s decision to attend next years event.

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3 Replies to “Where was Mike Arrington During BlogWorld?”

  1. That sucks you didn't see Mike Arrington but atleat you had dinner with the always entertaining John Chow!

  2. I've seen a few other blogs mention this, and I'd like to say that I think this issue qualifies as "I guess you had to be there." As someone who stayed home, I'd much rather hear about what you learned in the “Advanced Money Making Strategies” you said you went to then hear about what didn't happen when someone didn't show up.

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