Where were you at 21? (Entrepreneur Interviews)

As a younger kid, everyone wants to rush life and hit 21. Then you realize a few years later, that you would give anything to be a kid again! But with 21 comes alot of responsibility and goals… not to mention a job!

My friend Michael Dunlop (20 and living the Internet lifestyle) creates and manages and bunch of web sites, but his RetireAt21.com site falls right in line with question. In his “about me” on the site, it reads “Retire At 21 founder Michael Dunlop has shown that being young, dyslexic and a college drop out is not the end of the world.” and also says “In the world of retirement, 21 is the new 60.“. With what seems to be a growing trend of younger and younger entrepreneurs making boatloads of money online every year, there is no excuse for even a full time parent, worker or the unemployed not to take a stab at making money online.

Among other useful articles and content on RetireAt21.com, Michael does a lot of interviews with internet marketers and well known entrepreneurs. On RetireAt21, there are over 65 different successful entrepreneur interviews, with many names you are familiar with.

In addition to RetireAt21, Michael also runs IncomeDiary.com, which focuses on “How Pros Make Money“, and has another directory of interviews, including Michael’s latest interview with myself. A few of my favorite posts on this site are, Top Earning Blogs, Top 30 Dyslexic Entrepreneurs, and Blogging to Riches.

Knowing how to setup campaigns and making money is great, but it’s also a benefit to read about the success and struggles of other entreprenuers as well. Read through some of the interviews over at RetireAt21 and IncomeDiary to compare business stories, and maybe even get some inspiration for new ideas and marketing efforts.

When I was 21, I was already 5 years into affiliate marketing… where were/are you at 21?

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  1. For a guy who's retired you wonder why he needs another site. That ain't retired. It's just a catchy website title. If he was retired he'd have one site and just be giving back to the community. Read his about page. Apparently made thousands on ebay as a teenager. You can't retire at 21 on thousands. More's the point you wonder why he doesn't talk about his other main business that allowed him to retire which you'd presume he had.

  2. When I was 21 I was in college, I still am in college and I am currently 23, but I believe I am away ahead of my classmates when it comes to be an entrepreneur, and yes I have followed Michael Dunlop's website, the content he has on his website is pure awesomeness! =D

    Till then,


  3. Michael has done a fantastic job building his business and branding himself. While college can be a great experience, it's certainly not for everyone and there's no reason why a motivated person who works hard can't do well without a formal education. You learn a lot in the real world you'd never pick up in school.

  4. I am familiar with Retire@21. It is a very inspirational blog because you can learn more about how a lot of young people have had entrepreneurial success. It makes me think 'if they can do, why can't I?'

  5. As I was 21 I took my first look and then had my first experience with internet (this is a while ago). I was working in a export company and I hate my job. Now I am 35 and I am making my living with the internet. I do not hv a boss. I love my job and I wish I was 21 to do more!

  6. Well, I've missed the bandwagon to retire at 21 and instead did the "build college debt at 21 to work for a while thereafter).

    Still, the site is neat and it's cool to see all these people who "made it"

  7. Being the old guy here I had just got out of tech school when this guy said come with me to this new start up. It's cable T.V. and its going to be huge. I said who is going to pay for cable T.V. and that was a lesson learned the hard way. I did change jobs and went on to be a fire fighter and now that I'm retired hope to not miss the boat on the internet life style.

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