White Label Solutions and Affiliate Offers with EvoLeads

In the business of internet marketing you have a lot of options to choose from, so it’s always best to take a look at some of the latest solutions and ad networks in the game today. In the past several years there have been many fly-by-night companies that started up ad networks only to go bankrupt and screw affiliates over a few months later. We’ve seen a lot of progression in the online network space and less the lower end networks popping up.

One of the thriving areas for ad networks and online solutions lately has been the hybrid model of offering both an ad network backend while also offering a white label tracking solution for anyone that might be interested in starting their own network or running their brand’s affiliate program in house.

EvoLeads is one of the familiar names in this space that has been doing quite well and making a name of themselves on both ends of the spectrum. If you’ve had the chance to attend Affiliate Summit or other internet marketing conferences, you may have seen them exhibiting and showing off their ad network and solution as well — which is always a great compliment to a company when they put themselves out there to really explain what they have to offer.

EvoLeads Affiliate Network

As mentioned, EvoLeads caters to online businesses in many aspects; publishers, advertisers and tracking solution.

We’re all quite familiar with how affiliate networks work, so I won’t bore you with the basics. What is important to note is that EvoLeads is running off their own platform, which is the same one they offer through their white label solution. This is good to know since they are always working on improving their backend to make it better for both affiliates, their advertisers and solution partners.

Once you are logged into the system you will get to experience first hand how the backend looks, along with taking a look at the various different offers available through the network.

EvoLeads Affiliate Network

Other important notes and features of the EvoLeads affiliate network:

  • EvoLeads is a Montreal based online marketing firm with over 10 years of affiliate marketing experience
  • There are currently over 300 different offers available through their network, many of which are exclusive to the network.
  • Offers range in payouts from under a dollar all the way up to $340 per leads and are spread across various industries.
  • Affiliate payments are sent out on a Net 15 / weekly basis through wire, paypal and check. ($100 minimum)

Using Evoleads as a White Label Solution

With the success that EvoLeads has had in the affiliate marketing space, it also makes sense for them to offer their network backend as a white label solution as well.

EvoLeads White Label Tracking

Through the use of the EvoLeads white label solution you would have the ability to start your own independent ad network, run your brands affiliate program in-house (versus paying a transaction fee for placement on other networks) and also have access the EvoLeads ad network for distribution of your offers.

When choosing a white label solution to run your own affiliate program or tracking it’s always important to look at the potential hidden costs which can build up down the road. Some solutions may charge a start up fee, click costs and transaction rates. EvoLeads charges a flat rate of $499 per month.

To learn more about EvoLeads and how you can start making money with their affiliate network, place ads on their network or even get started with your own white label solution, you can visit their site at https://evoleads.com.

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