Who Is Reading Your Blog?

A lot of us bloggers are writing and spending a lot of time on our blogs, so much that it has become a passion more than a hobby or part/full time job. We talk about our lives, marketing strategies and share stories of how to make money online… something others would charge endless amounts for, and that people are paying! In the end though, we all keep writing, but are really only in touch with a few of our readers. How many RSS subscribers do you have, but your daily traffic is so much higher? How many RSS subscribers do you have, but your comment postings are so much lower? I love to write about how to make money online, my experiences with online marketing over the past 10 years and I also like to throw in some lifestyle posts about becoming Spiderman or my recent trip to Atlantic City. So, in the end… who’s really reading your blog?

I was checking out my latest postal mail the other day and saw an envelope from Hilton Casino Resort. My first response to Reena was, "Yes!  Another promotion or invite to pick up something sweet on our next visit!". I handed the envelope to Reena and I went through the rest of the pile real quick. Reena started to read me the letter and it said the following:

Dear Zac,

I saw your post from September 15th regarding "Gambling at Caesars". I’m sorry that you lost your host at Resorts, I know it’s hard when you no longer have a contact that you’re comfortable with. If you ever want to visit the AC Hilton, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can.  I wish you luck at whichever casino you decide to call home! P.S. We have surface parking lots.

This was certainly a surprise! Not only did this Casino Senior Host go out of their way to contact me, but the letter was completely hand written. I’m flattered enough that they managed to find and come across my blog, then went to further look up my information to send the letter. (I did a little research and found that I’m #1 on Google for "Gambling at Caesars", so this may have been how they came across my blog)

As much as I ran about the bad parking garage and the poor rooms at Resorts, their staff and player loyalty always seems to outweigh everything else. I was just at Resorts again this weekend and picked up my free four piece luggage set! I didn’t stay over, but we did play in the casino for a couple hours and got something to eat. We had a great time.

The point of this post is that you really never know who is reading your blog! I had no idea that Hilton or any casino staff would ever come across my site, nor did I ever plan for that to happen. Either way, I still would have written about my game play and experiences at the casinos, as it’s part of my lifestyle posts and what I do. Some readers hate lifestyle posts, but I think it makes blogging only better. Don’t you want to know more about the people you are reading on besides just seeing their check stubs?

Keep on blogging and pouring out your hearts… you never know who may be reading!

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  1. I am one of your rss supporter and reader here..haha! The lady must also be one of those looking to learn how to be a super affiliate.

  2. Good post as always. Guess it’s time to introduce myself. 🙂

    I went to the same High School as you but am a few years younger. Your business card was given to me by a friend. At which point I went home, looked at your site, and not much else. A few years later, early 2004, something piqued my memory and I found my way back to that original site. I saw a few changes, links to other sites, and the first revenue article indicting you were still growing your ventures. I was inspired at that point and began my research into affiliate marketing and the like. Being in college at that point I never fully persued it but over the past few years I have continued to learn more about it through various places. In any case, about two weeks ago I again thought of your site so I made my way to it. Again I find some more changes (mainly being that original site has been removed which pointed me here). Since then I have read every post of your blog and been seriously inspired to start my affiliate marketing career.

    So thanks! For all the inspiration and success stories.

    PS congratulations on the house.. Hopefully by the time I am your age I will be able to afford one as well.

  3. That’s great! Lately I’ve been wondering who reads my blog to pick affiliate programs that are a benefit to the reader rather than an annoyance. Without knowing my target audience, affiliate marketing becomes more of a guessing game.

  4. Totally agree with you on this. There may be someone from the media who happens to read your blog and it could give even more exposure..Always good to keep in mind!

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