Why Do Blogs Post Monthly Earnings?

Occasionally, someone will bring up the topic on why some blogs report their monthly earnings. Despite how the majority of people find these to be the most entertaining posts, some find them to be just bragging or even useless. Here’s why I think blogs that report their monthly earnings do, and why they should continue to do so. Let’s take John Chow for example, he has been running his blog and reporting earnings for quite a while now. In the process he has taken his blog from $352.94 in it’s first month, to over $30,000 in January 2008. John’s monthly blog reports are not only his most popular posts, but also what make his blog so famous. Every month all of John’s readers, flock to his blog to see if he beat his previous month’s earnings. Despite any negative press or comments elsewhere, John’s blog continues to grow, along with his monthly revenue. He was even recently mentioned in Entreprenuer Magazine, due to his blog’s success!

As for my blog, I decided in December to do a case study of my own as well. Instead of trying to sell my information and guidance through an ebook or marketing program, I would offer all of my advice and experiences for free through my blog. The case study… simply, can you thrive/benefit, while helping others for free, instead of trying to push $97 ebooks down their throats?

My blog went live on St. Patrick’s Day in 2006, and it would go ad-free for the next 10 months. I was more concerned with providing content, helping others and establishing the blog, before trying to turn a profit. It wasn’t till I had UniqueBlogDesigns redesign my blog in December, that I would make the move to effectively monetize the blog. Not only did the new blog design make for a better appearance, but also made for better monetization. Just in the past week alone, the new design helped raise over $500 for the Humane Society, due to “My Top Spots“, which never would have fit on the old design.

Comparison Between Original Design & New Monetized Blog Design

So back to the topic… why do some blogs post monthly earnings? Not only can these types of posts help with exposure for a blog, but they also play a huge part in motivation and show that “bloggers” actually are making money. What better motivation is there, then seeing someone earn $30,000 a month from a blog? Even if you aren’t currently a blogger, I’m sure a good majority of people say, “Wow, I wish I could do that!”. This is pure motivation to bring others into the market place and try to do the same. I started posting my blog earnings in December to motivate and educate. I’ve never been a fan of all the ebooks out there, I simply took a different approach at sharing my knowledge.

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  1. It is good to see the checks of people who come from similar backgrounds and abilities. About three years ago, I would call myself a liar if I heard what I made today online. Anytime I see a post like that now though, I know I can do that. That first check is almost like a veil you have to break through. You've got it after that and these posts help with breaking the veil.

  2. Its fun to read what others are making, but it can also be highly depressing lol. If you've put a ton of hard work into your blog and make nothing for a month posting a big ole' zero on the blog isn't the most fun posting.

  3. I was inspired by John Chows growth to start blogging. I think I came across his site when it was still a personal blog, early on when he was starting to monetize it. I didn't start blogging until July of last year… but I always thought to myself how cool it would be to "make money online". I don't report my blog income publicly, but it's all affiliate income… enough to keep my couple of project afloat while they grow.

  4. I love to read how succesful people are with their blog. If I see this blog I think it is making mostly 500 dollar a month. But I see I am completely wrong…

  5. John Chow is great at marketing: he inflates his earnings to ridiculous figures to attract people to his affiliate product links, and through those affiliate schemes he is able to make some good money. [Although probably nothing near the $30,000 joke he's claiming]

  6. I got inspired to blog because I read John Chow's story on Entreprenuer Maagazine. I have been following his blog and that's how I found your site. Great Post.

  7. I really wish I could make 30k in a month, this is the first time I have seen this blog.Cool site you have here. I hope that it can help me become a better blogger.

  8. It definitely is motivating for people, especially newbies. Everyone can make money doing internet marketing, BUT it take some very hard work. Like most other succesful businesses, financial freedom doesn't come by itself!

    The negative thing about super affiliate blogs showcasing their BIG checks is that it adds more more competition…

  9. I post monthly earnings on my blog just to try and allow my readers to resonate with me. The first couple of months showed no income at all and then it slowly started to trickle in. When people see an income slowly growing from nothing into something they see that its real and realise that they can do it to so they are more likely to keep reading and try to replicate my results – which is exactly the result I am after.

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