Why John Chow Makes Money and You Don’t!

What does it mean when I say these two short words to you?…


Some people will not know who it is… others will cringe… others will be in complete envy!

Jeremy just wrote a post about how “envy” is the only sin that has no upside and the post is also all about how so many people hate John Chow… but why?

Why do so many people hate one person that really has no interest or hatred towards others. The reason is simple… it’s the envious and jealous people out there who just hate on people because of their success.

John Chow has made a massive amount of money on the internet… in what seems like a silly, simple and stupid way. Heck, in the beginning it didn’t even have a viable business model… and to some it probably still doesn’t make any sense.

Enough with the fluff… here’s five reasons why John Chow is making money online and you aren’t!

John Chow Puts Himself Out There

Personally, I hate doing video and I would rather to run my business behind the scenes. John Chow loves to be in the spot light. John has more cameras and videos goes at any given time than anyone I know. It’s not just the videos, it’s the interviews and coverage he does at conference events and fun stuff going on in his area. No matter the situation, John will always be the first one to make a boring or bad situation fun, and this is exactly how he runs his blog and business.

John Chow Doesn’t Care!

Running a business on the internet can be quite overwhelming, and definitely intrusive on your life and family if you put yourself out there. Like Jeremy and me mention, people are envious of John and they can say a lot of nasty things about it. When I talk to Chow, he just laughs it off and all he cares about is if they have a link back to his site! haha. John will take all the criticism in the world, and enjoy it all the way to the bank.

John Chow Monetizes the Hell Out of his Site

Speaking of taking his blog to the bank, John is no idiot… his site may not have the best content for generating leads and money through programs like Google Adsense, but that’s why you don’t see those types of ads on the site. John monetizes every possible area of his site. From the banner adds, to the mailing lists, to the RSS/social links, comments section and every thing else… it all leads to John Chow’s amazing funnel system that continues to generate money for John every day.

John Chow is BIG in Social Media

Social media and a network following isn’t a huge deal, but if you have one it definitely helps. John currently has over 97,000 Twitter followers, 140,000 subscribers to his blog and over 100,000 opt ins to his email lists. Throw in all of the smaller social networks like his Facebook Page, YouTube followers and everything else… there are millions of people following what John Chow has to say. Best of all, none of them cost Chow a dime… yet they are just another part of the driving force behind his blog and growing revenue source.

John Chow is John Chow!

Lastly, why is John Chow so damn popular, rich and famous? Because he is John Chow, and that’s pretty damn brandable! A tall Asian guy that loves to talk with people and always willing to lend a helping hand, John Chow has become his own brand and there is nothing more you could ask for. Throw in the $40,000+ a month in profit that he generates from his blog, there is simply nothing else he would love to do, and that’s why he is doing so well at what he does. When you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work, which makes business easy.

Are you the next John Chow?

It’s not likely… who else could turn a blog that started out as a daily food blog and occasional topics on cars and tech into a multi million dollar business?

However it is possible for you to make a boat load of money online! You just need to lay out a solid business plan and mindset, then work extremely hard to become an authority within your niche. Don’t forget that Chow also has over 2,000 blog posts and he’s never missed a day of blogging. These are the same principles that help any business find success. Determination and monetization out the rear!

Want to learn even more about John Chow and how he’s making more and more money every day? In his new Blogging with John Chow course he lays it all out for you. Everything you need to know, along with a great 30 day starting guide, a full blogging course and tons of videos for you to learn and implement for your business or blog.

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  1. I don't know but I've heard it somewhere that you should only promote 2-3 things on your blog as if you offer too much then your visitor would get confused and never buy anything from your blog. I haven't maintained any blog as yet so I'm actually not sure how true it is, but when you see "John Chow" blog he too use many ads and affiliate links.. however he earns huge.
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    1. It's all about knowing your audience and finding out what converts, while also not alienating your content and visitors. Focus on what's making the money money and still providing value to your readers.

  2. Pretty impressive, currently going through John's 'Blogging With John Chow' course, exceptional value for money, another one to go on my mentors list alongside you Zac. It might be hard to believe but I had never read his posts, been to his site or followed him until you properly introduced me to him. 🙂

    My recent post Do What You Love and Love What You Do.

  3. Is his course on how to build a blog because I already took a blogging course, the niche blogger about a year ago?
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  4. People should not underestimate the power of social media. I just started my blog last month and already 30% of the traffic I am getting is coming from facebook. John is a smart guy to not ignore that stuff.
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