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Written by Zac Johnson
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I received an email yesterday from Sean Crotty, the Vice President of mPire and creator of WidgetBucks. The email was to let me know that I am "ranked in our top performers by both impressions and clicks" for the WidgetBucks network. Let’s take a look at the initial numbers I had in the first release when the stats first went live.

200,000 Impressions, 304 clicks and $6.94 Commissions… average of 0.022 per click.

I had just went live with the program and wasn’t sure what to expect. Off these first sets of stats I wasn’t thrilled, but also not too disappointed. I then found out these stats were quite delayed, as you needed to click the "+" button to display stats on a daily basis. While impressions, clicks and commissions were accurate, the commissions still had some updating to do. I was also promoting only the "Movies" category, so low earnings per click were expected.

Since I started testing WidgetBucks, I’ve sent almost a million impressions and have earned almost $70. The key stats here are what I expected… the "Movies" category did pay much lower than the other categories, but it did pull a much better CTR. I did some additional testing with Jewelry, MP3 Players and Game Consoles… with MP3 Players leading the way, at around .43 per click.

I already needed a new program to replace AuctionAds, so WidgetBucks came out at a great time for me. It’s not a huge earner, but it’s a fun case study in itself. With a few more categories in place, I will continue to rotate and test each. Once we have a good idea on what’s earning the most money, I / you can focus on that niche and maybe setup some new dedicated sites or blogs.

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  1. I also got a similar email from widgetbucks. Fortunately for me i am in the $200 range and per my calculations i should be smiling with $500 at the end of the month. That is very cool to replace non performing ads like bannerconnect and auctionads. lol

  2. Im jealous, I have received no such emails…

    How many referrals do you have zac? Dont forget you receive 10% of whatever they earn, so maybe at the end of the month there will be a nice boost in your earnings.

  3. I'll admit I don't know much about monetization yet but $70 for a million impressions seems really low!

    1. Definitely. I have WidgetBucks running on very low ad spots (below the fold). I am not expecting to make a ton off the program, but it's great for filler and additional revenue.

  4. I never received such an email but looking at the amount you've earned so far, I've made almost the same amount in 2wks with fewer impressions!! 🙂

    All the best to you…

  5. wow, those numbers are awful. i think adsense would pay like 10x that or something? am i wrong?

  6. With $0.02/click I think it's kind of waste of time and ad space. I'm sure you can find lots of better converting programs out there..

    1. Some of the categories pay really well. I guess you have to do research and figure out if which would convert better, higher CPC but lower CTR, or Higher CTR with a lower CPC…

      For me, I am lucky enough to have a high ctr with a high cpc, however, my impressions are low…

  7. Hey Zac,

    I am not sure, but I think it's against TOS to discuss Widgetbucks' earnings…. I am not sure though, I just read it somewhere.

    1. Yea, I read the same thing on ShoeMoney's Blog and have read it on other places also.

      "Disclose information related to the click through rates, CPCs and other statistics."

      Thanks for the update Zac. It's not an replacement program for sure, but it's a good add on to what you are already running.

  8. Zac, good job with 40 referrals. That's 40*$25=$1000. Much better than the revenue you're seeing from the clicks. Anyway congrats on being one of the top performers. Did you get permission from them to share the stats?

  9. Everything is a question about finetuning. I am hopeful figures will improve considerably. It's a new format and one could very well imagine that some visitors don't have Flash installed so pairing up with Google Adsense – or even Kontera – could prove rather useful if you have non-Flash using visitors.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  10. Hey your stats is damn good and Widget is something extra we can earn from besides Google Adsense.

    As for high paying try under the "electronic" topic and choose TV ads..they pay me $0.60 for each click and the most I found out till now..handphones pays $0.41

    You can have a look into my blog..2 weeks and just $27.15 only without any referrals..the blog is quite new too..and maybe you will love what I am offering in my blog.


  11. Widget bucks can perform very well on product specific sites. My cell phone blog and GPS blog get a very high ctr. Better then adsense and about double the income. If your site is not product driven you will not see that good of a ctr. Your earnings will depend strongly on ad placement. The PPC you get on average for me at least has been better then adsense

  12. I tried Widget Bucks but it took my site forever to load so I took it back off. I did see a great income in the one day that it was up though.

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