Win a $948 Membership Package to AdsBridge Tracking Platform

Tracking the success of your ad campaigns is an absolute must when trying to make money online. Not only is this especially true with affiliate marketing, but in all forms of online marketing and lead generation. In addition to scaling your campaign out and tracking conversions and ad costs, you also need to know how to create amazing landing pages to increase your conversions as well.

AdsBridge is one of the top landing page builder and campaign tracking solutions on the market today — and now you have the opportunity to enter our contest to win a year of free access to their site, worth $948! A new winner will be selected on August 15th, 2015 and it’s super simple and completely free to enter.

To enter this contest, all you need to do is click here (or the image below) and provide your Name and Email address. You can also share your contest giveaway link with your friends on social media and earn more entries when others enter through your link.

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The Many Features of AdsBridge’s Tracking Platform

As previously written about in our AdsBridge review post, the service offers an easy to use and extremely effective way to built out your own landing pages, split test your results and also the ability to track all conversions and performance under one platform. Below you will see highlights of the many features offered at AdsBridge, and why they have quickly established themselves as one of the must-use services for all online marketers and affiliates.

Landing Page Builder

In the past, the process of building a landing page was quite complicated, costly and confusing. You would need to design the page in one program, cut it into HTML in another, upload it to your server and then have to setup your own tracking system as well. All of that has changed in recent years, and now it’s easier than ever to create your own landing pages.

AdsBridge not only offers the ability to create your own landing pages, they all offer a wide range of templates for you to work off as well. Landing page templates range in style and lead generation type, but are found for all of the majority industries such as Dating, Health, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Travel — many of which can be seen below.

AdsBridge Landing Page Templates

When creating your landing pages within AdsBridge, you will have access to their easy to use drag and drop builder, which means you never need to mess around with any graphic editors, HTML coding or uploading files. Instead everything is done through your landing page builder and tracked through their platform as well.


Tracking Platform

Landing pages are only as effective as the marketing and performance tracking that is associated with them. This is where AdsBridge has pulled away from the competition. Since they offer both a landing page builder and a tracking platform, AdsBridge has based their platform off connecting the two together and making it easy for marketers and brands to get their pages live, split test different versions and analyze results all in one place.


It would be an understatement to say that AdsBridge just offers landing page creation and campaign tracking, as they also have many other built in features, such as…

  • Flexible targeting options – Running ads campaigns across the board to all traffic types no longer works. To make the most of your ad campaigns you need to take advantage of multiple targeting options such as language, country, browser, OS, device, mobile operator, time and day.
  • Optimize Your Campaigns – Keeping your campaign optimized is key to keeping it profitable overt time. AdsBridge offers fully automatic campaign optimization settings that allow you to configure the best results for your traffic and conversions.
  • Alert Notifications – The only thing worse than running an ad campaign and not having it profitable, is running a campaign on full blast and having your landing page or the advertiser going down! Should anything happen to your existing campaigns, the AdsBridge system will automatically contact your through email, SMS or any other notification systems you prefer.
  • Conversion Tracking – Place a simple tracking pixel on your site or advertiser confirmation page, and you will immediately have access to your stats and conversions in real time!
  • Powerful Reporting – Ad campaigns aren’t just about the leads and revenue they generate, it’s also about the powerful goldmine of data as well! AdsBridge’s system can be configured to your specific reporting needs and allow you to download fully customizable data reports to your liking.

Gain Access to AdsBridge for a Full Year

Now that you have a better understanding of what AdsBridge is and how it can improve your online marketing results, it’s time for you to enter to win a free year of access to their platform. Click the link below to register your name for the next drawing in this $948 prize package.

Click Here to Enter!Enter to Win a Full Year of Access to AdsBridge

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