Win a Signed Copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It!”

The other day I was randomly flipping through channels and stopped on the new Dr. Oz show for a moment, and to my surprise, there was Gary Vaynerchuk. I first met Gary two years ago at the first BlogWorld Expo, and since then he has just exploded and is on TV all the time… I won’t be surprised when I see him on Oprah next!

During my last big contest promotion, I gave away a ton of autographed copies of Gary’s 101 Wines book. With his new “Crush It!” book coming out next month, I thought I would do the same. The book comes out on October 13th, 2009 and is only $13.49 through Amazon, but why not take a shot a winning an autographed copy here for free!

Here’s how. This is very simple to enter, and even more easy to win!

1.) ReTweet this Post on Twitter (Click here to Retweet!)

2.) Leave a Comment on this Post Below

Ten (10) winners will be selected. Five from retweets, and five from comments. To increase your odds, feel free to tweet and post a comment. One comment per person. Winners will be selected and posted on October 13, 2009.

If you’d like to buy Gary’s book in bulk, or take part in the “Crush It! – Experience”, head over to Gary’s page. Depending on how many copies of “Crush It!” you order, you will qualify to receive a wristband, a personalized video, or even a 2 hour face to face dinner and wine with Gary in NYC.

Good luck, and don’t forget to “Crush It!”

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  1. This should be a great read. Really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy when it is released.

    Thanks Zac for running the contest

  2. It should be a great read, but you'll have to imagine gary's spark in personality that launched his success with vblogging. I'm in to win

  3. If possible I follow all his appearances on TV, even from Germany. He's just great and I would be very lucky to win a signed copy of his new book …

  4. This book is worth picking up and I’m interested to see what Gray V has planned for his book series.

  5. Can't wait for my copy of the book and also the Audio version of the book. Gary V is a great inspiration to anyone trying to Crush It!

  6. I'm pretty pumped to read this book when it comes out. Even though there are a lot of haters – I think the book should rock and be full of as much enthusiasm as Gary has when he gives his speeches. Count me in for 1 – and what better than buying one but getting it for free!


  7. Sounds like a cool book, I was reading the description and it mentioned a video camera? I guess he was able to expand his wine business to the web with online video? Anyways it's always cool to read more about the making money on the web, spark up some new ideas at the least.

    ps: retweeted

  8. I am starting my life as an entrepreneur, and have been a great fan of Gary for some time, and I would love to read this book. I hope I win 🙂

  9. so do we get to pick 1 or 2 to do or should we do both? like if we do 1 does that enter us once or 2 entered twice?

    either way I did both so send me my book 😉 lol

  10. I’m always impressed by the amount of work he does and the number of different projects he is working on all the time. Would love to read his book an see what great things he has to say. Thanks for bringing it’s upcoming release to my attention!

  11. I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this book. Gary Vee is such an inspiration, and, I love wine!

  12. Oh yeah that is so amazing book to read.. I seen the interview at

    and that's very promising.

  13. i've been a fan of gary's for awhile. i will buy the book either way but i can't turn down an opportunity to win one.

  14. Thanks for the contest Zack! I love how Gary has turned one of his passions into a full-time (plus!) gig.

  15. @Bryan:

    Why? Vaynerchuk is definitely interesting, but I can't imagine his book has any value outside of entertainment. I guess it's in bad taste to be so critical of someone so successful, but Gary's success has little to do with any particular insight or understanding. He's the definition of a right time right place guy, and it's disappointing to see how much credence he's been given in the affiliate marketing industry. I've seen him speak on panels alongside real experts, and the difference is nothing short of shocking. The best thing that Vaynerchuk has done for affiliate marketing is to prove that literally anyone can have success. If you're going to spend $13.50 and a few hours of your life reading a book with the hope it will help you be more successful, any other book is probably a better investment.

    P.S. Totally jealous of Gary, btw, but I can admit that.

  16. Gary is awesome. He always comes up and says hello to me at conferences even when I don't see him first. He has a great business mind and freaking rocks it on camera!

  17. Gary V does truly crush it. I saw him last year at Elite Retreat and he not only gave a hell of a keynote but also turned out to be a very approachable and genuinely helpful person. I'm sure the book will be great. He's definitely an inspirational person.

  18. I always like Gary's book and this new book is another great information that must be read on. I'll surely crush it.!!!

  19. Gary sure doesn't seem to be fazed by the "unlucky" number 13, as he is both using it as a release date, and as the price for his book. I suppose his authority far outstrips petty supestition! He is awesome, and his work is something really special.

  20. i found his speech he made earlier in the year really motivating and been following what he's been doing since. thanks for giving us a chance to win the book!

  21. Man Gary gets around, I have been hearing about him everywhere. Gary's wine book looks great, I would love to have a autographed version of it. Thanks for the post Zac.

  22. This is great news looking forward to getting the book as soon as..Thanks for the news

  23. Yes Gary definitely has exploded in terms of exposure/popularity. I hear about that guy everywhere. A few months ago I didn't even know who he was. I am also seeing a lot of these contests where you get an entry just by retweeting something. Great way to create a buzz.

  24. What's with all the buzz about Gary Vaynerchuk? I have never heard so much about a guy who sells wine. It seems like he is only so popular because he is a good public speaker. Then again, I have never taken the time to really hear what he has to say. Maybe he really does have some good advice.

  25. Cool contest. I entered through Twitter and this comment, I wouldn't mind winning some free stuff. 🙂

  26. Cool contest with good idea, i already tweet it and hope get cool book from Gary..

  27. Do said hi to her, but don't follow her too much. If you still like her, who know? People change and she might like u now. Try to be friends at first, then later you can talk to her about relationship.

  28. I have a crush on this guy and im his "sistah" and hes my "brotha" but its fake. Hes always nice to me and hes like my closest frend. He always calls me pretty smart and "fabulus" and everything and my freind ella told me he liked me..

  29. I've talked to Gary on numerous occasions and am definitely looking forward to the release of his book.

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