Word of Mouth Marketing, with Yours Truely

Affiliate Summit Day 3 had arrived and after lunch it was time for the “Elevator Networking Sessions, where I was speaking. In the room there was a bunch of tables and each with their own topic and speaker. The purpose of this session was for people to visit the topic they were interested in, then ask any questions they had or wanted to learn about. I had Word of Mouth Marketing, but answered any questions my table had.

What started out as a slow session, actually ended up quite nicely. I was able to give out a lot of great advice to people on how to market and improve their sites/services. It’s amazing how many times I was asked if I offer consulting, but I’m actually giving it all away free on my blog!

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  1. Time for you to write a book for affiliates, Zac. More people need to be like you in this industry.

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    1. Thanks Gregg, I'm very against the idea of writing ebooks and selling them. Unfortunately there is so much crap out there and I just hate the idea of being bundled with them. I may write something in the future, something like an updated compilation of everything on the blog, but offer it to everyone for FREE. I very much appreciate your support and interest! 🙂

  2. Word of mouth marketing is really the best type of marketing, purple cow and the rest. Interesting thoughts…

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