Since the launch of this blog a few years back, I’ve received thousands of emails from people all over the world. Requests ranging from consulting, speaking, joint ventures, writing and everything in between. With that said, I found it would be a useful resource to create a page that details what I am currently available for, for anyone looking to hire/work with me.

Please look through the detailed list below, then use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact me directly.


I’m currently writing for many blogs, most of which are my own, but also as a paid writer on other web sites and blogs as well, such as All writing is on a per word basis and includes a Facebook Like/Twitter Retweet and also must reference my author information and web site. If you would like to hire me for writing on a weekly/monthly basis for your blog, please send your proposal through the contact form below.


Requests for personal and corporate consulting come in often, but can also cover a wide range of services based on different marketing paths and how well trained someone already is in a field. I’m currently offering consulting in the areas of Facebook Ads/marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and brand recognition. If you are currently looking to grow or expand your business in any of these areas, it may be something we can work on. Due to time restraints, many consulting requests will not be accepted, but I am open to all considerations.


My speaking engagements are now limited to a few events per year, though I am always looking to expand my reach and meet with new people and attend different events. Previous speaking engagements include Affiliate Summit East & West, BlogWorld Expo East and West, Search Engine Strategies NYC and Keynote speaker at Affil@ Syndey Australia. Use the form below to send your requesting or speaking engagements at your event.


If you would like to advertise or receive personally written reviews of your web sites, blog or products, please send your request through the form below. Through advertising on and my other network sites, over $5 million dollars in new business has been sent to my advertising partners. No matter the size or model of your business, we can build a promotion package that is right for you. How much business are you missing by not having coverage on this blog?

Thank you, and I appreciate your interest in working with me. Please use the contact form.

– Zac