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If you are looking to become a blogger, then you must treat blogging like a business. There are many administrative and operative duties that come along with this business that have very little to do with the art of blogging. If you are like most writers, then you need to delegate some of these responsibilities so you can focus on the customer facing content.

Wrike is the project management system that can help you to fully optimize your workflow and move beyond the traditional usage of project management tools.

What is Wrike?

If you have to define Wrike under a generic label, then you would refer to it as a workflow or project management tool. However, Wrike has more tools that help you automate and collaborate in a world where technology is essential for success. Wrike helps you consolidate data and boost productivity, whether you’re working on a single blog or an entire business of online content creation.


The Wrike Dashboard

The Wrike Dashboard is a real-time space that helps your team visualize goals and actively collaborate. Wrike has a Chrome extension that allows you to share reports easily through your web browser. There are several other Wrike features that help keep everyone in the loop with clear goals and accountability.


The Most Useful Features

Collaboration is essential when it comes to workflow in the modern business landscape. Clients expect real-time functionality. There is no excuse for delays in your workflow and collaboration is made simple through automatic integration with the platforms that you are already using. Google Drive, Box and Dropbox are among the incredibly popular platforms that integrate with Wrike to keep your workflow as seamless as possible.

You can create a revision history and see different versions of your projects in much greater detail in Wrike as well. Wrike’s bird’s eye tools help you view the project at high level as well as allow you to drill down into a project to see the fine details.

If you have projects with multiple arms, each department will be able to see what the other departments are doing and plan next steps. This cuts down on the annoying emails between departments that can quickly become a confusing mess – deadlines are put in one place for all to see.

Virtualization and Mobile Usage

When you use Wrike’s project management system, you instantly break the chains from your office desk. Wrike gives you the ability to stay productive whether you are on the road or in the office. With native apps that are on Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, you have the ability to reach people who are on your team from anywhere. They do not have to be in the office, and neither do you.

These mobile apps give you immediate access to your work in the virtual world so you are able to make adjustments on the fly. You will be able to create new tasks, adjust schedules, and incorporate new assets into a product with little hassle.

The Advantage of Price

The basic free plan gives you the ability to incorporate basic task management into a project for up to five separate users.

The Professional plan gives you a suite of options that are not included in the basic plan. You will receive features like the Gantt Chart timeline, progress reports, custom fields, and various types of advanced filtering options.

The Enterprise plan gives you the ability to customize widgets, email add-ins, and dashboards.


All of the plans above, with a free trial that can extend for quite some time – you will not have to order anything that you do not fully understand. With functionality and a pricing plan like this, there is no downside to trying out the online project management software. You will also be able to compare plans side-by-side in order to figure out what you will need over the life of your project.

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