Write on Glass – Comment and Share Over Web Sites

It’s always fun and exciting to see what new products and serves people are coming out with. A new one that has caught my eye is called “Glass”, or “Write on Glass”, and the concept is the ability to write over existing web sites and share your secret messages or favorite sites with your friends, the whole world, or even keep them stored away for just yourself.

The concept behind Glass is quite amazing… think of blog commenting, instant messenger clients and social network sharing all in one. Now think about all three of those features I mentioned, but all in one in-browser extension, and without the need to continually open/change new windows. The best way to describe how Glass works, is to actually show you.

Now that you have a better understanding on what Glass is and how it works, let’s think about some cool ways we could use Glass to interact with others and expand on the ever changing world of social media.

  • Create private or public conversations on any web site
  • Integration of Glass through Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to integrate social networks and blog commenting
  • Share web sites and content without using Twitter, Facebook or Email directly

Next, let’s go beyond the traditional ways of thinking, and look at ways Glass can be used from a marketing or teaching stand point.

  • On site training/tutorials as you want the site visitors through a process
  • Study and discussion of ad placement and site structures
  • Create a mastermind community and share ideas
  • As a site or blog owner, you can chat directly with people at your site

Start Writing on Web Sites with Glass

As mentioned earlier, Glass is a free in-browser extension that can easily be used with FireFox, Chrome or iOS. For anyone who is addict of Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure Glass will be right in your alley. I mentioned that Glass in an in-browser application, but that doesn’t mean you have to have it installed for use. Just like Facebook or Twitter, which is accessed through a web site, Glass also offers a full members area for storing, searching and connecting with other members on Glass.

I’ve been playing around with Glass for the past week or so and today they just went live with their new web site, which is much better to use and navigate. It’s a completely new concept, and quite impressive. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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