Your Biggest Investment: Time and Dedication

One of the biggest problems we see when trying to teach and motivate others to make money online or start their own business, is that they won’t put in the time and effort. Usually it’s because their either too lazy and not dedicated, or just expect to see immediate results…. but why should you expect immediate results? Whether you run a retail store or a web site, business is business and the same principles always apply, you need a solid structure and plan to make anything work.

In times like these, a situation many of us have gone through, is furthering our education. How many of us will go to college for two, four or even eight to twelve years… then graduate, just to try and pay off the debt from the last several years for the remainder of our career, and maybe even lives? Imagine the amount of success individuals could have if they put this same work and effort into starting/running their own business or online marketing campaigns, as they had for college.

You can’t simply walk into a high paying career right after high school and expect a job, and running a business should be looked at the same way. College is a very expensive way of investing in yourself and planning for the future. The truth is, students graduating from college, now have more debt than ever.

A recent report shows students graduating from college are now leaving with over $20,000 in debt. Double or even triple that number for higher education such as Masters and PHDs…

Am I saying college is a waste of money and time? No, but a great majority of affiliates and internet marketers have passed on college and even dropped out to bigger and better things. It’s take a certain mentality and drive to be successful in business, but those dame principles can be applied to anything you try and achieve. The point I’m trying to make, is that whether you are aiming to work for a fortune 500 company, or run you own business, they all require the necessary mindset and time/work investment to reach your goals.

Anyone who says money doesn’t make life easier is lying. Money is great, but your time and dedication is the difference between getting to where you want to be versus where you are headed.

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  1. Good comparison between the investment in college and the investment in a new business. There are definitely plenty of similarities. New entrepreneurs do need to realize that success usually requires plenty of time and effort. If they aren't willing to put in that effort and time, perhaps they should not be in business in the first place.

  2. Right on target! In everything you do, you need to invest quality time and money. Only later returns follow.
    Thank you for the crisp art article!
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  3. Well said! There is no shortcut to success!
    When starting your online business, you may not have money, but you have time and passion, these are priceless assets.

  4. Hi Zac,
    I couldn't agree more. I went to a seminar earlier this year in London. There were some very big names there from the IM world. The one thing that stood out (and they all had it) was the drive, passion and determination that flowed from everybody that was there. I took more away from that than I ever could learn at college or online.
    It was amazing to me to watch, if you don't have this then you may as well give up and go home.
    I continue to be inspired by people like yourself and other successful marketers.

  5. I realize that a lot of people that don't do Internet marketing or run an online business, don't value or manage their time very much. They spend so much time helping other people grow their businesses instead of growing their own businesses.
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  6. In Madison?Really.Never knew it was there.

    Bradley Nordstrom
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  7. Great points Zac College definitely has its uses but it is not for everyone. The one downfall about most colleges is they teach you to work for someone else instead of working for yourself. Something is wrong with that picture. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a good read every Internet marketer or business owner for that matter should read. A lot of great points with money think rich to be rich. Leverage other peoples time and energy to make you rich. Rich people run autopilot businesses that work for them while they sleep. Like your Blogs Zac you think smart. Poor people get paid hourly and trade their time for money. Which is a damn shame if you ask me!
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  8. Having to start your own business early in life can really payoff when you have the positive drive to get you through the hardest beginnings. Time and Dedication truly are the best things you must have to succeed in anything.

  9. Like starting any new business, you have to invest belief, time and have the money to allow the dedication to be fruitful. Like planting Macadamia nuts, belief needs time to fruit.

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