Your Job Sucks? Six Reasons to Be Your Own Boss Now!

I’ve personally never had a “real job“, so I haven’t experienced the full effect of having to work for someone or being a number in a huge company. However, I have experienced seeing what happens to friends and family, working “for the man” and having to drag themselves to work everyday, and hating every minute of it. Nothing is worse than the thought of going into work every day with the one goal of clocking out at the end of the day and counting down how many more years you have till you can retire.

Below is a list of just a few “obvious” reasons why I feel it’s better to work for yourself, than making someone else rich. Yes, running a business isn’t for everyone… but if you are on the fence, maybe these points can help push you over.

1.) You Don’t Have to Take Crap from Anyone!
Who does your boss/co-workers think they are? Why are they so much better than you, that they think they can talk to you that way? This is probably the biggest reason for having your own business. No longer do you have to take crap from anyone. You are the boss and there is no one to talk down to you, or tell you what to do. If you do expand your business out and hire employees, remember how much you hated your boss and make sure not to do the same.

2.) Be More than Just a Number
How many people in your company know your name? If you have a suggestion, complaint or comment… will anyone listen? This one really depends on what your job is and who you work for, but as anyone can see, massive layoffs are happening everyday. In most of these huge layoffs, the employees were simply a number. Gone are they days when employees are given a stable position, are financially taken care of and receive the respect that they deserve.

3.) You Get What You Put Into It
In most cases, the more effort and work you put into something… the better the result. This can be stressed even more when it is your own business, because you want it to succeed that much more. Whether it’s money, growth or happiness… your efforts will always determine the end goal.

4.) More Free Time for Yourself and Your Family
While “not having to take crap from anyone” may seem like the best benefit to working for yourself, you’ll soon find that having more time for yourself and your family is what really matters. No longer will you have to wake up in the early morning and drag yourself through that horrible commute to and from work everyday… but instead you can focus on spending quality time on your business, while having more free time for more important things. Time is precious, and before you know it… it will pass you by.

5.) Your Success and Failures are Your Own
Just as much as your learn from your own successes, you will learn even more from your failures. Instead of making “the man” or “the company” successful, focus those efforts on your own business or personal goals. Instead of hitting goals for your employer and getting a bonus, focus your efforts towards new personal / business goals and increase your productivity and income every day.

6.) You Really Aren’t Making What You Think You Are!
The last point I will stress is one that may be more disturbing than anything else. Take your average salary, then work out the numbers and cost it takes you to maintain your job. How much are you spending daily on gas for your commute to and from work, your daily lunches, work attire and the most expensive of all… your time and stress levels. Work out these numbers and you may find you are “taking home” a lot less than you think… which makes it even easier for you to over take your current salary, working for yourself.

Of course, it’s easy for me to sit here and write a list of reasons why you shouldn’t be working for someone else. Not everyone has what it takes to run a business, or is ready to leave the financial stability of a job. I was fortunate enough to get started while I was in my early teens. I now have over 12 years of learning experience under my belt, making money online and loving what I do. My continuing goal with this blog is to help others accomplish their goals and be able to do the same.

Feel free to share some of your work hell stories below!

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  1. Personally for me I do really well self-employed and I also work for a good company. I couldn't be without work. Not because of skill or confidence. I just enjoy being around people.

  2. I worked an agency design gig for many years. You ever seen the show 'The Office'… that show is not kidding. I stayed cuz I was making 6-figures a year then finally said F it and went on my own in affiliate marketing and now I make six figures a month.

    Changes. Life. Completely.

  3. Great post. This one should be real popular. I like the pick with the toothbrush and the toilet paper. Funny.

    Hey, I love new look of the blog. It's pretty sweet.

  4. Great post. I like #6 most, it's the truest one of all.

    I recently wrote something somewhat similar about my history of working for others and realizing it sucks.

  5. i'm 28 and until now i never get a real job… i like to do things by myself.. i hate boss…

  6. I am final year student and we are bother with employment issues.Since I am in internet business world.So,this will be my best option rater than struggling ask for work out there.

  7. @AffiliateAholic:

    I'm in the same boat as you. I didn't have an office job, but I worked in retail. It was awful. I'm now making even more than what the supervisors make each month. And it feels damn good.

  8. The ideal thing is to be your own boss, but sometimes it's hard for some people to find something to earn money without having a full time job… You have to have blood of entrepreneur 😈

  9. Great Post! Really inspirational. And I just fell about laughing at the toothbrush and toilet paper cartoon.

    Its true everyone thinks their own job sucks and everyone else has it so much better, when actually there are so many positives if you just care to look for them.

  10. Yes.. Your points are definitely correct.. I agreed with you… I'm working job office now and I wish I can work just from home soon..

  11. Love this post, Zac! It's so perfectly right on. Sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop at 7:30am, watching all the slaves scatter off to work, makes me feel very blessed. 😉


    Tony Thomas

  12. Nice post. This will inspire most people to come into blogging field. And this will be like a stabilizing force for those bloggers who are still waiting for success.

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  14. The main thing that keeps me in the corporate world is health insurance. At my age and with a family with pre-existing conditions it's a necessity. To effectively leave my job behind would require earning about twice what I currently earn online, primarily to pay for insurance coverage and to have solid emergency fund.

    Ironically, I work in the health care field, creating software for electronic medical records. I do like the work except for the occasional corporate BS and I do like that it actually helps patients get a better quality of health care.

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  16. I just have started my own blog. I've realized doing a job for others sucks.
    My recent post Make your Blogger blog load faster

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