Zac Gets a Call from SpiderMan

I was on my way to my girlfriend’s house yesterday and was about to give her a call. I then realized I had a missed call and they had left a voice mail. Dialed up my voicemail and was surprised to hear "Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, its web slinger weekend!"… so my first reactions were "Hey, this is kind of awesome!"… but at the same time I’m thinking… when/where did I get my cell information to Hasbro, along with permission to call me? I love comics and Marvel almost more than anyone (my Spiderman Halloween costume), so Spiderman can give me a call anytime he wants. It’s not that I was annoyed about the call, just curious. I was also thinking, if this was a massive ad campaign, how would they possibly track sales just based off a phone call telling you to get to your favorite toy store for the latest Spiderman action figures. Seems like the chance of having people complain about spam phone calls would be more of an issue.

When I got to Reena’s house, I immediately told her to listen to my exciting new message. Once hearing the message, she started laughing. It wasn’t till then that she had told me this was the "surprise" she mentioned earlier in the week that I would get on Saturday. While up at Rutgers, Reena had seen a commercial for a promotion being held by Hasbro. You can take a look at their sitehere or take a look at the "Get a Wake Up Call from Spidey" page. Unfortunately "Web Slinger Weekend" is nearly over, but this was a great idea from Hasbro and made my day! Thanks Reena… and Spiderman! 😛 So to clarify things up, this was not a "spammy / unwanted solicitation" from Hasbro at all, just merely a fun way to promote some new Spiderman products, while taking the extra step to give their customers/fan a little something more to enjoy.

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