Zac Johnson is the Featured “Affiliate Expert” on AffiliateFix

When is the last time you sent an email to a top blogger or business person and actually got a response back from them? More times than not you will get a response, but if you ask for an interview or an in-depth question, many of them will say they simple don’t have the time. Depending on who you are trying to contact, this can definitely make sense… but at the same time some people consider themselves “untouchable”.

Zac Johnson a Celebrity?I used to collect celebrity autographs when I was a kid (and I have quite the collection). I would send out hundreds of letters and photos (with a SASE) to my favorite actors and stars and run out to the mailbox every day to see if anything came. Some would come back signed, even less came back unsigned… and many more went completely unanswered. Wheni did receive an autographed photo back in the mail, I would always have that much more appreciation for the celebrity . Though I’m not a celebrity by any means, I would take these same values I looked for and use them in my own experience if I had the chance.

Thanks to the blog and the success of my business, I’ve had the chance to experience a glimmer of what it might be like to be a well known celebrity. I get a lot of emails from people all around the world and many of them ask for interviews, advice, business questions or anything else you can possibly think of. I always make sure I get back to ALL of my emails as fast as I can and with a quality response. Most of the time I will just straight up tell people what they need to hear or know, when other people would try to offer consulting or make a quick buck.

Go ahead… shoot me an email and I will actually get back to you!

I’m Your Featured Affiliate Expert on

It’s always a pleasure to be called an expert at anything, but when I was asked to take part in’s Affiliate Expert series I was more than delighted. is an online marketing forum run by Oliver Kenyon. It’s also loaded up with some great resources, tools and coupons for online marketers. All you need to know is that it’s a great place to connect with other online marketers and learn how to do better with your business.

The first part of the Affiliate Expert series was completing an interview with Kenyon.

As mentioned, I do a lot of interviews… but this one is on steroids! I was in the zone and writing like crazy. The result was a killer 2,500+ word interview that covers some great stories and highlights from the past 18 years of my business and making it what it is today.

Zac Johnson Interviewed on AffiliateFix

Send Me Your Questions on AffiliateFix!

However, that’s not all… Next week I will be active in the AffiliateFix Affiliate Marketing Forum and answering all of the questions that are coming in from all of the forum members.

If you aren’t a member of their affiliate forum yet, be sure to check it out and send me a few questions to answer!

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  1. Its interesting to know you have been featured as an "Affiliate Expert" on AffiliateFix. This is not surprising because you are an expert in the lives of many bloggers 🙂

    As for the upcoming forum, its welcoming to have another opportunity of learning and sharing from your wealth of affiliate experience. I will keep a date send my questions 😀

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  2. No wonder why the famous Zac Johnson was featured on AffiliateFix as an Affiliate Expert. Many will surely agree with me since there are many bloggers and reader benefits a lot through his posts. All re interesting and valuable. Well, congrats to Zac! 🙂

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