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I had two nice quality blog reviews done yesterday for "Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson"… both ordered through "Review Me". One of them was for and the other was on Beyond the Rhetoric with Michael Kwan. In case you don’t already visit these sites, here’s a bit of what each had to say:

Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson
by John Chow is one of the fastest growing blogs online, so I wanted to make sure I got a review me in before he was to raise his review me rates again. John even said he expected the review me… seeing that I ordered a few review me reviews from other blogs. Unlike, which is monetized with Google Adsense, Kontera, TextLinkAds and other ads, for now I want to try and keep my blog a bit more clean and have less ads in your face, while focusing mainly on content. John also pointed this out and how I utilize text link ads with my referral ids in them, redirecting you to the best money making programs. I visit all the time, and for the first time I found his site was down for a few hours… of course the same day I had a main page review. 🙁 Here are some of the posts that John also found interesting:

Unfortunately the first time Michael went to the site for the review, he got a downtime error. I was just as surprised when I had saw the same thing! My servers are never down, but they were being upgraded and I wasn’t told about it! 🙁 Anyway, Michael just went to the blog again later and all was fine. Michael also said he was happy to come across my blog and see that it "has some quality content that makes the site worth seeing", rather than the other blogs out there that promise greater traffic and money making tips. Michael was also thrilled about the Spiderman page and enjoyed these other posts as well:

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  1. Both blog reviews were beneficial, but I would have to say John Chow's was more so, mainly due to the size of his blog. While it cost nearly six times more than Michael Kwan's review, it did provide more user feedback and get a lot more eyeballs to the blog. Though I was happy with both reviewers.

  2. Yeah, I think the review at John Chow's blog was helpful. I had read your blog once before, but after his review, I signed up for RSS and hoped on board.

  3. Wow, congrats on getting reviewed! John Chow's blog is huge and that will definitely give you a boost in readers. Both reviews are very well written.

  4. From some of the reports on John Chow reviews from other blogs, they seem to be a very good source of traffic for quantity and quality.

    ps. I found this from the JC review

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